7 Incredible Day Trips from New York City

New York City has so many amazing things to offer that visitors (and even New Yorkers) usually forget there’s a whole lot more to see outside of Manhattan.

With so many transportation options available from the city, planning a quick day trip to escape the bustle and hustle of the city is easy as pie. If you’re currently on the lookout for a quick (and easy) getaway from New York City, you’ll be surprised how many options there are!

From mysterious towns filled with ghost stories to state parks perfect for a day spent outdoors and tons of historic villages, here are 7 of the best day trips from New York City you can start planning today!

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7 Incredible Day Trips from New York City

7 Incredible Day Trips from New York City 1
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Cooperstown, NY

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ll be pleased to know the capital of America’s national sport is just a stone’s throw away from the city. This delightful village in central New York is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where fans of the sport can spend hours browsing through the museum’s collection of memorabilia that tells the entire history of baseball.

If you’re not into baseball, you’ll also find plenty of other activities to keep you entertained. Glimmerglass State Park is located just outside of town, where you can spend an outdoorsy day in the middle of the mountains. Other attractions worth visiting include the Glimmerglass Festival as well as the Fenimore Art Museum, which houses Native American and folk art.

Beacon, NY

Beacon is a small city located amid the lush Hudson countryside that provides a perfect escape from the Big Apple while also giving visitors all the amenities they can expect from a city.

This locale’s main charm is found in its Victorian-era buildings that have been kept intact in its downtown. Most of these buildings now house modern restaurants, local art galleries, quaint coffee shops, and trendy restaurants with food so good you’ll be very likely to start planning your second day trip to this historic town!

Must New York State Destinations

Philadelphia, PA

Even though it’s located in an entirely different state, Philadelphia is a pretty easy day trip to take from New York City, especially when you considered it’s found only an hour and a half away by train. 

Despite the fact that they’re both large cities, they ooze completely different vibes, with Philly having more of a small-town charm. 

During your visit, make sure you stroll through the Old City District, the historic section of the city where you’ll find some of America’s most important landmarks, including Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, and the Benjamin Frankin Museum.

Woodstock, NY

Nope, Woodstock wasn’t the setting of the 1969 festival (it was actually held in the town of Bethel, which is two hours away). Still, though, today, the town of Woodstock brims with the festival’s vibes, with lots of retired hippies and artists having made it their home.

Healthy eating, organic everything, local shopping, and music galore as the aspects that make this town such a charming destination, making it a perfect day trip from New York City if you’re in need of a break from its fast-paced lifestyle.

Mohonk Preserve, NY

If you love riding horses or you’ve always wanted to try your hand at equestrianism, Mohonk Preserve is the ideal place to do just that. Unlike most preserves around the city, this place offers a lot of designated horseback riding trails to take advantage of!

Moreover, Mohonk Preserve is home to over 8,000 acres of forests, making it an amazing spot for all things hiking, cycling, rock climbing, and various other outdoor activities if a day spent out in nature is exactly what your soul is craving.

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Yes, the town of Sleepy Hollow exists and it’s exactly what you’re thinking! 

Once made famous in New York for being the setting of important milling and farming activities, today, this cozy town owes its popularity to the Headless Horseman’s infamous tale.

You can visit Sleepy Hollow any time of the year, but if you get to choose, I highly recommend visiting during the month of October, when it becomes a mecca for all things Halloween-related. Throughout the month, Sleepy Hollow bursts with life with themed parades, live music, spooky decor, and haunted hayrides!

Cold Spring, NY

If serious eye candy is what you’re after, Cold Spring is your go to! This cozy town 50 miles north of Manhattan is considered the best-preserved 19th-century town in the Hudson Valley. Seriously, its buildings are so picturesque you’ll wonder if you’re walking inside a painting!

Cold Spring is lined by riverside restaurants, cozy outdoor coffee shops, antique stores, and local boutiques, making aimlessly strolling around its streets the main thing to do during your day here.

During the summer months, you’ll also have plenty of excuses to spend time in nature, with several hiking and biking trails surrounding the town. Moreover, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, boating, and waterskiing are also popular activities for visitors and locals alike!

I hope this list of the best day trips to take from New York City gave you some inspiration to leave the city if only for a day! Even though Manhattan is amazing, there’s nothing quite like spending time outside of the city to give your mind a break from everything.

What are some other amazing day trips from New York City? Let me know if you know of other great destinations near the city in the comment section below!

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