Disney’s The SOUL of Jazz Stops in Harlem

The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure, which features Pixar's Soul to introduce visitors to jazz and soul music, has been gaining favor among visitors at the American Adventure in the World Showcase. The exhibit has been so popular that Disney is touring it across the country to cities where jazz originated and grew.

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New York City Disney and Pixar “Soul” fans are in for a treat! The Disney jazz exhibit “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” starts February 11th at The National Jazz Museum in Harlem, to complement Black History Month. Walt Disney World collaborated with the museums to offer guests and locals a taste of EPCOT's magic in their very own neighborhoods. This is also a great way to demonstrate how much each of these areas impacted Jazz's dynamic.

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Harlem is the third location on the tour as it is almost impossible to discuss the history of Jazz without mentioning the home to the Harlem Renaissance where icons like Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway performed.  The museum has been transformed to the Half Note Club where Joe Gardner – the musician, mentor and teacher from Disney and Pixar's “Soul” – introduce you to the complex and surprising history of jazz.

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The exhibit also includes the unique collection of artifacts curated by The National Jazz Museum including a player piano, a working 78rpm Victrola, and Duke Ellington’s white grand piano, as well as maquettes of characters Joe Gardner and Dorothea Williams, and virtual experiences via the Play Disney Parks app.

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John Dennis, executive creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering discusses how Jazz has the ability to unite us with John Batiste. The tour began in New Orleans which is the start of the story of Jazz. People from every walk of life contributed to the sound.

“The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” at The National Jazz Museum, located at 58 West 129th St in New York, New York opens Thursday, February 10, 2022. The museum is open Thursday through Saturday from 12 p.m. through 5 p.m., and masks are required. Proof of vaccination is required for visitors over 12 years old. The National Jazz Museum is currently operating on an advanced reservation system. Please visit www.jmih.org to learn more about the museum and to plan your trip.

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