I Love You Maybell Brown

icuPeople continually ask, how my holidays were. My answer has been a smile followed by great and yours.In reality, it was an experience that I am ready to forget. After realizing that our Elves, Clara and Fred, zip lined out the house, the kids proceeded to open their presents after reading the good-bye note. We decided an early afternoon nap was in order. I was not surprised that I woke up to about 20 missed calls but became alarmed when I realized that most of them were from my family.

I immediately called back and was informed that my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. On Christmas, really? The only people who should be in a hospital on Christmas or the Holiday Season for that matter are pregnant women. Babies are always a joyous occasion and what better day than the birth of Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season.

We proceeded to get dress and pack the car to head to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). My mind was scrambled as I packed clothes because I really did not know what to pack. Were we staying for the usual Christmas dinner or would we be heading to Myrtle Beach to check on Grandmom. I arrived at my sister's and all seemed well. My mother stated that fluid had built up around her heart and they were admitting her. Plans were made for my mom and brothers to drive there in a few hours. She didn't seem worried so I calmed down.

My sisters, cousin and I drove there the next day but I was not ready for what I saw. Somehow I missed the memo that my grandmother was unresponsive and had coded while they were trying to give her a test. My world was crumbling and I just did not know what to do or say. Everyone tried to encourage me that she would be okay but I wondered why they didn't prepare me for all the tubes and machines. I immediately walked out the room and began praying.

grandmomThe clock on the wall seemed to tick slower as I waited for the doctors to tell us that everything was fine. The doctor did come but his words did not match the ones I needed to hear. No one knows how long she was without oxygen but her brain was not showing any higher level activity and some decisions needed to be made. With it being the holidays, the specialist that were needed would not available and we wanted a second opinion.

I just hung up with my mom and there has been no change but we are still praying for God to intervene. I am asking that you join us in a circle of prayer for my Grandmom, Maybell Brown. We thank you in advance.

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  1. Heather H wrote:

    Done! May God, our divine doctor, wrap his healing hands around Grandma Maybell!

    Posted 1.4.13
  2. I am sorry to hear this news about your grandmother and pray that God brings comfort to you and your entire family.

    Posted 1.5.13
  3. Sending prayers your way. God is able.

    Posted 1.5.13
  4. Roshni wrote:

    Hope she’s all better now! {hugs}

    Posted 1.5.13

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