The Super Elves Were a Big Hit

Our Elves Clara and Fred were huge hit this year. The kids really got into looking for them in the morning. My daughter would read hers a bed time story each night while my son would tell his how to build with legos. I was afraid of the Elf on a shelf phenomenon because the thought of making sure he was in a different place each day would add another item to my to do list. Surprisingly it was not as bad as I thought.

I connected with Elf Outfitters to help our family elves really strut their stuff…I introduce to you Super Bryant Elf

I decided not to let the kids see them in their clothes which made this even more fun. I would tell them that the elves were clowning around while they were asleep before they left to visit Santa. Imagine their surprise when they saw the pics that I told them I snuck. They were excited to learn that we had Super Elves…


The Super Cape was a great idea. It arrived with a B (the initial of our last name) already attached and included some stick on masks. It is made of sturdy felt which is great for rough kids.


The color looks great outside and also next to the Christmas tree.


Elf Outfitters has other outfits available which can add to the fun of your family elf. Next year I plan to get a tent and an apron. Our Elves assisted the kids with baking the cookies for Santa so they loved seeing them holding one of Santas cookies.


Our Elves left us via Zipline but not before dropping off their good bye letters.

Do you do anything special with your elf? Did the elf wear any clothes?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a sample to review. The opinions belong to the neighborhood.

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  1. Cute, I love doing things like this with my kids…these are the things they will think about years down the road of life and we will all get a good laugh over!

    Posted 1.2.13
  2. Aren’t the superhero costumes great? My kids loved them. I need to remember to order another costume before Elf time rolls around this year.

    Posted 1.2.13

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