Sometimes you just have to make it a family day.

Sometimes you just have to make it a family day. 1My family is constantly on the go.  My husband travels extensively, my son is on a travel Lacrosse team and my daughter has play dates almost every weekend.  AND, on top of that I'm invited to a lot of professional and social gatherings.   But this one day, I just felt something different.  I woke up with my husband by my side, but my kids were with my parents.  I know, I know, all the married moms are like CONGRATULATIONS you have a sleep in day.   Normally, I would be saying the same thing.  But it didn't feel like THAT kind of a day.

I just felt some type of emptiness, and I just needed my family to be together.  It was a Sunday morning.  You know the normal Sunday, I want to go to Church and my husband wants to stay home and watch football.  But this Sunday, he saw that I needed something more.   So we rush to get dressed to go get the kids from my parents house.    I think even my parents were surprised we got there so early, as everyone in the house was still sleep.

We went to church, then lunch, then hung out at the mall, then dinner and then back home.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but it was one of those rare family treats that I will always remember.  The four of us were together all day and all night long.  That was just a great feeling!

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