Have You Met My Super Hero!

Meet my real life SUPERHERO!

He is an intelligent, Lego builder, math master, lacrosse lover, 9 year old boy and he is my son. Why is he my Hero, you ask?


Picture this. Mommy goes to bed early after fixing dinner and is awakened when Dad enters the room. Within ten minutes, your son calls you stating something is wrong with his sister. Dad rushes in and then calls mom. Mom goes in to see the daughter wearing wet clothes, sweating with vomit on her face. Mommy instincts jump in and she removes the clothes and washes the daughter's face. The daughter is extremely warm to the touch so she is walked into the bathroom to remove her wet cloths and to cool her down. Daughter is unresponsive,  Dad is screaming her name,  son is crying and mom is calling 911.

bryn mawr hospital

This was my real life situation  and I shudder (actually bust in tears) to think what would have happened to my princess had her brother really not taken his job as protector so serious. After what seemed like a two hour ride in the ambulance,  some ER workers who just were not moving fast enough for me, an IV, heart and pulse monitors, nausea medicine, tylenol, an X-Ray, strep and urine culture, we learned that my princess' temperature spiked so high and quickly that she may have had a seizure.

Doesn't a seizure mean meningitis when accompanied by a fever with aches and pains?  I started checking her limbs and begged her to place her chin to her chest for any signs of pain.  Thank God within a few hours she was back to normal, ready to eat and so happy to see her brother…

We are definitely keeping an eye on her and will follow up with her primary doctor.



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  1. Emily wrote:

    He IS a hero! Love the photos, you can really see their bond! What an awesome brother.

    Posted 1.4.13
    • admin wrote:

      Thanks. They truly have a wonderful relationship!

      Posted 1.4.13
  2. Stephanie wrote:

    Wow! So luck that she has such a great big brother! Glad to hear she is doing well.

    Posted 1.4.13
    • admin wrote:

      I could not agree more. Thanks!

      Posted 1.4.13
  3. Heather M wrote:

    So glad her brother was watching out for her and knew enough that something was wrong. Hope she gets feeling better and everything is ok.

    Posted 1.4.13
  4. He is a hero! I’m glad she’s OK – when do you follow up with her primary doctor? Brothers can be annoying sometimes, but really come through when needed, don’t they? You must be one proud mama! 🙂

    Posted 1.4.13
  5. Gina B wrote:

    Wow that is so scary!! I’m glad she is doing well. How lucky is she to have such an awesome brother! Hope she stays well.

    Posted 1.4.13
  6. Heather S. wrote:

    How scary! What a brave, caring brother she has…glad to hear her recovery has been speedy…hope your own heartbeat is getting back to normal after all that!

    Posted 1.4.13
  7. Cocoamommy wrote:

    Wow, I’m so glad she’s back to normal. Way to go Nadi for being your real life superhero!

    Posted 1.5.13
  8. Roshni wrote:

    so very glad that she’s alright! Bravo to your son for alerting you at the nick of time!!

    Posted 1.6.13
  9. Becky wrote:

    Hope all goes well with the primary care doctor. You’ve got a great little man there!

    Posted 1.11.13

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