The Fat Bully

I contemplated writing or even sharing this with you.  Every January people make resolutions to lose more weight, eat less and exercise. I don't make resolutions and I hate to feel like I am jumping on the band wagon. January, as I have shared before, is not the start of my new year but I would love for it to be the start of the new me.  I realize that I have to make small changes that I can stick with.

I dream of being a size 8 again but realize I don't want to do any of what is required to get back to that size. I like to walk and have even started to enjoy running. It is the getting started and sticking with it that is hard. I awake most mornings with great intentions but somehow the couch calls me and I answer.  Breakfast turns into lunch which turns into the headache reminder. This finds me scrambling for a meal and punishing myself for it spending unnecessary money.

A few relatives like to constantly remind people that they are fat or overweight. I love it when they say”You should get surgery” or “Don't you hate being fat”.  Of course! People love being fat, it is the best thing ever. What could be greater?

I remembered the story of  news anchor, Jennifer Livingston, who was fat bullied by a viewer.  I love her response to him. Check out the video below if you have never seen it.

How would you respond to a Fat Bully?

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