Birthday Ideas during Covid-19 Pandemic


Birthdays are a special thing at my house but coming up with special birthday ideas isn't always easy. I truly believe that you should cherish and celebrate each day of life. When my children were young, they had a party every year. Think live animal exhibits, Disney princess, rock star video recordings or celebrating with Mickey Mouse at Disney World. I loved every minute of planning and probably missed my calling to be an event planner.

Friends know that my parties range from over the top to low key. Lately they have been more low key as the kids are older and I have to nag them to get a guest list for celebrating. My daughter had no interest of a party especially in the midst of a quarantine but she had a blast at the pandemic party I planned.

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Martha's Vineyard visit with teens
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

Today is my son's birthday and we should be celebrating in Martha's Vineyard, thanks coronavirus, but we are home. A quick glance at his face reminds you that he is not happy either. We will keep the actual day simple with cake, special dinner and maybe a movie with a goal of making him feel special. As a teenager, I know this will not be an easy fete because the response to everything is “I'm good mom”

Outrageous Ninja Party invitation. party ideas for Covid-19 quarantine celebrations
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

While searching for pictures to post all over social media letting everyone know that it is my favorite son's birthday, I found the video and emails from his 8th extravagant birthday party. This was a party to remember, definitely outrageous.

Teen Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

Finding this video left me with new challenges and requests. My daughter is willing to have a sweet sixteen party if it is outrageous. I think I need to call the “camel lady” because I have two years to get it right. My son remembers all the fun he had being the center of attention but still no celebration request. Typical teen.

Realizing we are still in the midst of a pandemic, I have to get creative with planning this teen birthday party. My teen is low-key and doesn't need an over the top birthday party so I have created 17 ways to celebrate him at home.

vanilla bundt cakes for birthday party during quarantine
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

Bundtinis: Have you had this deliciousness? My family has an addiction and the bundlets are perfect for a pandemic party.

Decorations: Who doesn't like waking up to a house full of balloons? I will see it simple with 17. Best thing is you can grab a tank and do it yourself.

Love Notes: Use sticky notes or recyclable paper to write messages celebrating the birthday kid.

Drive Way Messages: Invite people walking by to leave messages in the driveway or write a big message announcing the birthday.

Set up a Zoom birthday party or ask family and friends to send video messages

Day trip out in Lincoln Corsair for a Covid-19 birthday party
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

A road trip or day out at a quiet beach

Scavenger Hunt: Hide birthday gifts or other fun items

Paint party: grab canvasses and paint at your local craft store.

Movie Marathon or binge watch all the birthday kids favorite movies.

social distance reminder for Covid-19 birthday party
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Socially distant lunch date with a friend

Invite family/friends to watch movies virtually using the Netflix Party extension.

King/Queen for a day: This is a favorite as it lets them plan the day. be mindful, it could mean sleeping or playing video games all day.

Chore Free day: No dishes or cleaning.

bunch o balloons for Covid-19 birthday party idea
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

Water balloons are perfect for all ages and easy to use.

Backyard obstacle or racing track.

Virtual shopping trip

Video game challenge

Don't forget that there is no rule that says parties have to be held on the actual day or month, consider an un-birthday party once the pandemic and/or restrictions have lifted. No matter how you celebrate just make sure your kid knows they are loved!

Join in wishing mine a happy 17th birthday!


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