Planning a Teen Party with Razor Scooter Obstacle Course and Giveaway


Hosting a teen birthday party is often stressful but add a pandemic to the mix and it seems impossible. My teen daughter turned fourteen and I was determined to celebrate the date that I gave birthday to her. Unsurprisingly she had no interest in a party but I was able to pry a guest list out of her. With the stay-at-home orders in our area, we have been celebrating birthdays and graduations by driving by and beeping the horn. On a few occasions we got out the car to give elbow bumps. The sheer look of happiness on the faces of the recipients is how I knew I had to host something despite what my daughter stated. And I knew a scooter obstacle course would add to the fun.

scooter obstacle course teen birthday
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How to Plan an Outdoor Birthday party?

Gone are the days where I could just hire a clown or a bubble machine for party entertainment. Teen birthday parties require a little more to keep the kids engaged before the mobile phones come out. It was important that those who just wanted to drive by and beep could participate along with the kids who got out of their cars. With great weather and creativity you can create a party to remember.

outdoor teen birthday party ideas
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Razor Scooter Obstacle Course

We were gifted a Razor A5 DLX Kick Scooter, and we loved creating an obstacle course that lead to the backyard. The kids used the scooter to follow the course created on the driveway with chalk. Hula hoops were used to remind everyone of the 6 ft social distancing.

Teen party Razor Obstacle Course
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Once the kids maneuver they course they are invited to toss a dart in the ring to get points. Each successful toss equals one point. The person with the most points gets to decide where they will stand for the next activity.

Start of Razor Scooter Obstacle Course

If your yard doesn't have a pool, a sprinkler provides lots of fun and entertainment, while helping you cool down during hot days. Everyone eyes widened when they realized the final piece was water balloons. There was a time that I hated water balloons because as the parent you have to blow them up. Bunch o Balloons take that stress away. Easy to prepare in under five minutes.

Planning a Teen Party with Razor Scooter Obstacle Course and Giveaway 1
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It was very easy to see that this party was just what the kids needed. There was no pressure to participate but everyone did gladly and it was obviously what they needed. They all made signs for her and no teen birthday party is complete without a game of “Just Dance”.

teen outdoor birthday party ideas. razor scooter obstacle course
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Easy Supplies for the Ultimate Outdoor Party

Washable sidewalk chalk– You can outline the obstacle course and use it to leave messages for the birthday teen. No need to worry about it staining clothing or hands.

Hoola Hoops– I would not recommend the ones we used as they are funny shaped and hard to use as intended. It did however make a great marker to remind the teenagers about social distancing at the birthday party. There are lots of other options that seem to work better, I especially like the weighted ones.

Darts with Rings– An easy game to show off you're skills. It looks easier than it is. The rounded bottom doesn't always go where it should.

Bunch O Balloons– These water balloons are self sealing and you can fill up 100 in under 60 seconds. No need to stress over the waste as the parts and packaging are 100% recyclable with TerraCycle. Just sign up to the Terracycle program, collect all waste in an available box, download a free Terracycle shipping label and send to Terracycle for upcycling. These are going to part of our weekly summer camp. I hit a few for those days we need to let off some steam.

Razor DLX Kick Scooter– This super strong aluminum kick scooter with adjustable handles made navigating the obstacle course easy. The back break helped them stay on course and I love that is has a kickstand. Suitable for ages 8+ up to 220 pounds means that even I can take a spin on it.

Ready to create your own Razor scooter obstacle course? Simple leave a message telling us the first thing you will add to your course. (Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted on 6/30/2020)

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  1. Kellie wrote:

    Growing up my friends and I would have scooter races around the neighborhood! The first thing I would add is some agility using sidewalk chalk!

    Posted 6.29.20
  2. Judy Boyd wrote:

    I would use some of these balls that the kids have laying around.

    Posted 6.29.20
  3. Peggy B wrote:

    This is great for keeping the kids entertained this summer. First thing we would use is sunscreen:)

    Posted 7.1.20

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