Preparing for Back to Pandemic Education

Global pandemics have hit before, but not in our lifetime. For us, this is uncharted territory and living in the age of COVID-19 is a game of trial and error. This includes education during the time of a pandemic. It is unsure whether or not children should go back to school in the fall. On one hand, they need an education and not everyone is cut out for online learning. However, on the other hand we want to keep children safe and stop the spread of the virus as quickly as possible. It is still up in the air as things are very uncertain at the moment.

We know that children are eager to get back to school and their classmates, teachers, and friends. However, it is imperative to understand what is best for them and for the safety of the community. That being said, when the time comes for children to return to the classroom, there will be several safety precautions and protocols put into action. While children and adolescents are less likely than others to have complications or even show symptoms of the virus, they can still spread it. So let’s take a look at some precautions to keep in mind when getting ready for back to school.

Protocols for Back to School

Sanitize all textbooks, notebooks, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. While this may be a hefty task, it can help prevent the spread of the virus. A quick spray down with disinfectant before sending children off to school and when they get home can help to kill the virus so that it does not spread.

Encourage children to wash their hands regularly. This is extremely important to stop the spread of the virus. Both at home and at school, children should be encouraged to wash their hands very regularly. Now more than ever is the time to instill this into your children.

Encourage physical distancing. Children tend to play and learn in very close proximity with one another. That will, unfortunately, not be the case when they are allowed to go back to school. Classrooms will need to be rearranged to keep a 2 meters distance between the children and playtime will look a lot different as well. Each individual school will need to meet and go in depth with their plans for keeping the children distanced physically.

Get your children used to wearing masksMasks will be a must when returning to the classroom. They must get used to using them whenever they are outside the house, including at school. If you start acclimating them to using masks now, it will not be such a hassle when they return to the classroom.

Encourage them not to touch their face. Children have roaming hands. By reminding them consistently not to touch their faces, you can kick the habit before the school year begins.

Begin to incorporate immune-boosting activities and habits into your child’s everyday life. By boosting their immune system, children’s bodies will be able to fight the virus off more efficiently. No one wants their child to become sick, so start feeding them immune boosting foods, encouraging physical activities, and perhaps even incorporating supplements into their daily routine.

While things are still up in the air, it is best to go ahead and begin to prepare your children for back to school. For more information on preparing for back to school, check out our other story on back to school. We want to keep our children safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 as quickly as possible, which means getting children involved. Take precautions and begin acclimating your children to the changes now so that they are fully prepared for when schools do open back up. 

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