What’s that Smell? Sport Moms Know it Well

If you are a sports mom, I am certain you have asked this question more times than you care to remember. Everyone in my house participates in some type of sport so it is a common question around here.  It's so bad that most times, I make them leave the stuff outside. I have tried numerous things to get rid of the smell but nothing has really worked. Normally, I tell them to hang it outside and let nature air it out. It is not a great solution but it generally works well when we don't need to wear the equipment again within 24 hours which is rare.

I was asked to try FunkAway and I figured if it could help my son's lacrosse equipment, it can eliminate any odor. The instructions state to saturate the equipment immediately after use but I used it after the equipment had sat over night.

Funkaway eliminates odor #lifeinpumps
What's that Smell? Sport Moms Know it Well 1
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

The results were amazing! I highly recommend it. It actually eliminated the odor and now I can hug him tight while  he suits up…

 FunkAway is throwing a summer contest! Winners get 2 tickets to the MLB game of their choice AND a year’s supply of FunkAway. To enter, just visit the FunkAway on Facebook, LIKE it, and share a photo of your funky athlete. They’ll choose a winner every week for 4 weeks. Good Luck.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored but all opinions and noses belong to me. 

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