Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

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Mother Nature is not quite certain what temperature she wants us to experience which has been typical of the past few months. The spring arrived too early and the summer is lingering. I am in no way complaining but it does make dressing for a day out interesting. I love to layer my clothing since I rarely wear coats/jackets  but  I also need it to be versatile and comfortable.

Where the Day Takes Us?

As a Philly native, I have to admit that there are some attractions that I have not seen since I was a kid. As a busy family, we don't often get the chance to explore downtown  so I jumped at the chance to participate in a scavenger hunt of Olde City.  My daughter and I joined some friends from our local Jack and Jill of America Chapter for a two-hour scavenger hunt with Philly Hub Tours.  It was a competition to see who could find and photograph the most things on the list. This fun activity is best with adults and/or mixed ages and not for those who want to tour the city. The children were so focused on winning and/or getting to the next location that they never took the time to see what it actually was.  I suggest the walking tour or Segway tour which actually includes a guide with more detail.

Don't Sacrifice Comfort 1

I am ashamed to admit that I had never heard of Pennsylvania Hall. It was built in 1838 and was the site where they held meetings to abolish slavery. It only stood for 3 days as anti-Black rioters burned it to the ground. This explains why this is the chosen street for almost ever protest meeting that happens in the city and this day was no different.

Don't Sacrifice Comfort 2
There is a rally/protest of some sort in this area almost weekly. Freedom of speech in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

Don't Sacrifice Comfort 3

We did enjoy a few brief moments at Franklin Square. The fountain is the oldest surviving fountain in William Penn's original squares. If you go make certain to try the carousel,  a delicious Square burger and Tastycake Butterscotch Krimpet shake from Square Burger.


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Next Stop

The two-hour tour flew by and unfortunately we were unable to see the winner declared. It was time to make a mad dash to the soccer field.  Fall afternoons are about football and soccer. We hit the field after a shoe change with 30 minutes to spare and scored a win.

Don't Sacrifice Comfort 5

With two more stops to make before ending the day, I was pleased with the way I could transition my outfit with a simple change of shoes and/or jewelry.  Almost everyday I find myself needing outfits that can take me from work to play while feeling comfortable to explore and have fun.

Where do you prAna?

If you are a fan of versatile clothing that works for any lifestyle or adventure then prAna is for you. The mission of prAna is to give people the option of reaching into their closet and dressing in items that reflect who they are. The versatile but classy clothing design makes for outfits that can be worn to work or on an adventure. The items are first and foremost mindfully made in order to support fair trade and sustainable practices. prAna actually has only one core belief, and that is to give back more than we take from the world: http://www.prana.com/about-us/our-roots.html

Where do I prAna?

You can feel good while looking good wearing prAna. My daughter could not stop resting on me as she loved the feel of the Daria sweater and it worked beautifully for a day out in various temperatures. The fabric was breathable and the hooded style made me feel famous. I did in fact tell one of the kids that I was famous and that they could use me for the scavenger hunt since that was one of the items.

The Kara Jeans will be a favorite in my wardrobe!  The feel and look are perfect for my wardrobe capsule.  It's rare that I can find jeans that aren't stiff and are long enough. These jeans are perfect for my favorite 4 inch heels and look great cuffed.  I will be ordering one of each color.

Don't Sacrifice Comfort 6


Head over to prAna's website and receive a 15% off discount code (MHMTB15) for purchases that you can feeling good about. Simply enter code MHMTB15 at checkout

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  1. It’s awesome when you can find clothes that work for both heels and sneakers. What fun this scavenger hunt was — you taught me a bit about Philly’s history.

    I’m not sure what a Krimpet is, but suddenly I’m craving one.

    Posted 9.13.17

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