Top Five Things to Do at Atlantis

No trip to Atlantis is complete without this…..

1. Dolphin Cay: This experience makes the trip worthwhile. Click here to see my family's experience


2. Night Club:

  • Rush: Not very many resorts have pre-teens activities. This night club opened from 7-11PM for kids ages 9-13. My kids could not stay away. For one flat fee they were able to go every night and they did.
  • Crush: This is the teen nightclub that stayed open to 1:00AM.

3. Atlantis Pals:  The resort's version of Build-a-bear. In addition to wishing on a heart to place inside there is an adoption ceremony where you pledge to take care of the bear. My daughter decided to build a lion which she named Jack. Beware unlike the stores in the mall you have to physically stuff the bear.

Promise to Protect and Love Jack

4. Atlantis Speedway: An indoor race car track which was loads of fun. You have the option to either build your own race car or rent one to race around the track. There are all sorts of obstacles to make it not an easy task. With each lap you can win “money” for prizes.

5. Water Adventure: The pools, the slides, and all the water rides especially the cartoon network lagoon. Think wipe out!


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