A Day With The Dolphins

My son is an animal lover and has declared that he will be a marine biologist. As a science, STEM geek this makes me so happy. Every year, I ask the kids to name one thing that they really want to do and a unanimous swim with the dolphins was heard. We tried to do this three years ago but it was sold out and another time in Orlando but could not find a place that I felt was clean enough. Lucky for my kids, we would be spending 9 long days at Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau.


The kids could hardly contain themselves and everyday they would ask “how many more days?” I could understand the excitement but repeating myself grew very old. For their sanity and mine, I created a calendar and we marked off the days and also sent daily alerts to their electronic calendars. This worked beautifully until we arrived.


The cab ride from the airport seemed to take forever but we did appreciate the driver giving us some history and great places to eat on the island. Within 20 minutes of arriving at our room, we were in the pool and unwinding but not before we confirmed our Dolphin experience.


Dolphin Cay is an extraordinary water land housed on 14-acres with almost 7 million gallons of crystal clear seawater. It is one of the largest and most sophisticated marine habitats and animal rescue-rehabilitation facilities, unlike anything in the world. I am not an animal lover so I did not participate but I loved hearing the stories and seeing the pictures. The level of happiness that eluded from not only the kids but my husband told me that this was an experience that they would never forget. They chose the deep water swim and really got a chance to not only swim alongside a dolphin but play and kiss it(yuck). It seems the dolphins are just like kids and didn't want the play to end.





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