Side Hugs Not Needed

This post is sponsored by Violet Iodine, but all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

20150821_005341I shared with you in July that I would be trying out VioletDaily.com in an effort to reduce my monthly breast tenderness and pain. I started taking the little pill and have seen some improvement. After dealing with the effects from breast cancer, I found that face to face hugging was extremely unfavorable. The thought of someone “squeezing the charmin” would make me cringe and once my cycle kicked it in words can't explain that pain. I'd asked the doctor about it thinking maybe something was wrong but was assured that it was my trigger amplified.

I admit that I was hesitant to try Violet as I try to avoid introducing anything foreign into my body. My oncologist stated that it should be safe for consumption since it contains no hormone and requires no prescription. (please consult your physician if you have any concerns) It was an easy addition to my daily wellness routine. The pills are easy to dispense and the package is marked with the day of the week. I anticipate that with continued use, the pain will subside tremendously.20150821_005444

Clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of iodine after daily use. Iodine fuels the thyroid and is water soluble. Any excess iodine is flushed from the body. This daily use pill is very similar to taking a birth control pill and I will admit that I did miss a few days.

VioletDaily.com can be purchased at CVS, Walgreens, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Drugstore.com but unfortunately these guys will not be there:)


You can find more details including more benefits to adding iodine to the body at VioletDaily.com. Try it out and let me know your thoughts. I'll keep you updated on my progress as well.

Thank you Violet Iodine and Blogger Babes for this wonderful opportunity.
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