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What we officially know as summer is over and we must get in gear for a successful school year. The alarm clocks are set, the school bags are packed and it is time to get back to business. As my son enters 7th grade, he realizes that his responsibility to maintain A's is much higher now. A package arrives in the mail for him that requires signatures from him and us. I love how they spell out this responsibility in further detail. He loves that included is his iPad application. My district issues each child an iPad starting in 5th grade. They are expected to complete their homework assignments and required readings on this device.

Technology is changing the world and the classroom. It is rare that you will find any school in the US that is not using some sort of technology.  Technology and the internet especially is helping to merge the gap between home and the classroom.  Whether it is for math, science or social studies the internet is a powerful tool for getting things done, hence the need for speed.

Most families have at least 3 devices and when they are all connected simultaneously a slow connection causes many arguments. I've been there and it is no fun. It felt like an eternity while everyone waited their turn. It was almost as bad as the sound that dial up made. With Verizon Fios, there is no need to watch the spinning hourglass or hover over someone's shoulder as it offers speed and reliability. While our days are busy the evenings are even busier with Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, PTO, scouts etc  we know the importance of connecting fast the first time. We can't stick to our schedule if we have to waste time waiting for pages to load or documents to upload.

Is your current provider giving you the speed you need? Check your speed here.

Disclaimer: This sponsored post is part of a campaign that I am participating on with #FiosPhilly but all thought/comments are my own.

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