The Kids are Listening!

listening picWe are at a very difficult point in our family dynamic.  The big kid and the little kid know of parent codes.  We keep trying different ways to talk, but it just isn't working.  I am sure you know how it is.  You don't want to wait until the kids are asleep to start having important adult conversations.   We both know if we wait until night time, we are surely to forget something.   It has gotten so bad now, that we are just using the first letter of key words.

Can you imagine having a conversation like while kids are in the back seat….

“First I went to T to see what they had available, but the line was so long.  While I was there I ran into A and she explained that at B today S was asking R about why some people have big H and some have tiny ones.  Then when T got home she told her M that the R told all the Ks that some people just managed their M better.   It is UNBELIEVABLE to think that R would even think to say something like that.  I know I am going to find out the real story first thing in the morning.”


Funny enough, my husband understands that story.  I love that guy.  And NO, I am not telling you what that means, as you may share it with the kids by accident.

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