drive OR text, THAT is the question.

att-it-can-wait-no-text-and-drive-campaign-truecar-pricing1Whenever you are driving these days, you will see tons of people staring down into their lap.  When the sun goes down, you realize they are staring down at the phone texting, surfing or even playing games while driving.   I have seen a number of accidents when someone runs into the car in front of them because they aren't paying attention. So now, several states and counties have enacted laws to ban texting and driving.

This is just one of those things that is very troubling to understand.   Not the ban, but why can't people put their phone down.   What is so addictive about these smart devices.  You would have never imagined the world ever existed without them.  There was a time, when driving long distances, that you had to stop at a rest stop just to use a phone so your loved one knew where you were.   But now, we are connected constantly.  So I have a recommendation for the device carries and the app developers.  There needs to be an automated “Driving” status.

This status should pop up on facebook, twitter and any other addictive mobile services that people simply cannot put down.  In addition to that, because in some cases you may be a legitimate passenger,  force people to acknowledge that they are not texting and driving before services (excluding navigation) are enabled.  The persons on the other end, should also receive a notice that “this person is driving, are you sure you want to connect them and risk their life?

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