Hi Hubby! Hi Daddy! Hi Brothers-in-law! Hi Uncles!

Boy and girl watching father open Father's Day giftToday is a VERY special day for me.  It is a day to celebrate all of the men in my life.  I have been very fortunate.   No, scratch that.  I have BEEN BLESSED!  I have grown up in an environment where it is expected for young black man to go to jail or just accept the limits of this world.   NOT ME!   I have grown up with my dad and a host of uncles for the last 40+ years.  To point that I can still call any of them, with any problem, and they will do whatever they can to help me.   I have been married to my loving husband for 11 years.  I have had brothers-in-laws for 19 and 11 years respectively.

Let me say it again, I HAVE BEEN BLESSED!

In addition to these great men being there for me, they have stayed in their children's life.  They are dependable and loving black men concentrated on ensuring their children's success.  It is truly a great feeling in this world where black men are not suppose to succeed, that I have some truly great black men around me on a constant basis.




Derry and Bill, THANK YOU!

AND to all my Uncles and Great Uncles… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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