How Many Doctors?

WESTF06376Last summer, I was posting about how many hotels I could visit and now it seems that my summer will be mainly about visiting doctors. I am not complaining as I am blessed and in awe of what many of them do. In the last month, I have already seen a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation therapist, plastic surgeon, chiropractor, accupunturist (is that a word), and a medical massage therapist. Yes, I know an accupunturist, herbalist, and a massage therapist are not actual MDs but they are a part of my treatment plan.

My journey started at Fox Chase Cancer Center and has taken me to the Rena Rowan Breast Center at the University of Pennsylvania.  I am hoping to finalize my treatment plan and kick this thing's AXX.  I meet with the first doctor at UPenn on the 27th. I feel much better equipped to ask the right questions as this is now round two and I have read everything that I can get my hand on about Triple Negative.

I switched gears to the University of Pennsyvania after speaking with several professionals and they are constantly involved in the latest research to cure this.  My last visit at Fox Chase was a happy one. My MRI showed that my lymph nodes were not affected.


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  1. That is good! I will be praying for you. (((hugs)))

    Posted 6.27.13

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