Suicide by Shame


I just read the heart breaking story of Leela ( Josh) Alcorn who committed suicide by walking in front of a truck on a highway in Ohio. There was so much pain, hurt and disappointment in the letter and to make it worse, he blamed his parents.

At the age of 4, he knew something was different but didn't know what until he learned about transgenders. His parents as devout Christians didn't accept it and hoped it would pass.

Any parent would be distraught after reading such a letter. The realization of the pain that he must have been experiencing is gut wrenching. 

Last week a few friends and I were discussing a similar subject. You have to wonder if growing up they were subjected to a life like Leelah. People question if they are born that way and my response is, it is not my place to judge but I just can't imagine anyone choosing to be gay in this cruel world we live in.

I am sharing this story in hopes that his death helps another parent and child who might be facing some difficult decisions. As a parent, we want the best for our children. It is easy to tell them how to live but we must also be willing to listen to their dreams with an open mind.

May God have mercy on Leelah's soul!

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  1. Nellie wrote:

    i saw this story and it bothered me to my core. I could believe it. I was really really sad and it made me really reflect and make sure I was making the right decisions with my own kids. Great post.

    Posted 12.31.14

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