Paddington Two- Family Laughter

MUST SEE!!!   👠👠👠👠 (4 of 5)

Paddington Two- Family Laughter 1


Family movies are a continual challenge for our family.  In short, not everyone stays awake for them.  Paddington 2 kept the four of us engaged, and I love movies that teach family values. This movie does not just entertain with a cute, furry and huggable bear, it reminds us how important attitude is in life.  This little bear brings out the sunshine in others. You will physically see the impact a positive attitude can have on any situation.

The sequel is much better and entertaining than the original. Paddington( voice of Ben Whishawhas settled into his life in London with The Brown family and is looking for the perfect gift for Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday. We all know that celebrating a 100th birthday is a big deal so not any ordinary gift will do. He finds the perfect gift at a local antique shop and worked various odd jobs to raise the necessary money. He was succeeding at some things until he was framed for stealing the gift.

Finding himself in a dark place, Paddington does not let that change his outlook. He in fact uses those famous marmalade sandwiches to win people over to help him too bad they did nothing for his neighbor, Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant). Using his many faces, he set out to keep Paddington down. In a series of disguises, trickery, and human kindness, the truth is discovered.

In the end everyone was happy especially Aunt Lucy and Paddington Bear.


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