How to Find the Best Travel Deals with the Least Amount of Crowds

Do you have travel plans in your future? Does the thought of battling crowds of people make you want to squirm? With more and more things opening up it’s to be expected that attractions and activities will be busy again. If you would rather avoid crowds then there are a few ways you can find the best travel deals with the least amount of crowds.

Travel Mid-Week

One of the best ways to find good travel deals is to avoid weekend travel. This isn’t always possible, but when it is, you have a far better chance of finding a good deal. Weekend travel is almost always more expensive. This applies to both hotels and activities. You can often find great mid-week deals! 

If somewhere doesn’t advertise a mid-week deal you can also ask if there are any specials that apply to midweek travel. The answer may be no but it never hurts to ask. Generally, lower prices are offered but sometimes the deal could also be something like a package deal or two for one style offer. 

One other mid-week benefit is there are fewer crowds. You can take in some of the more popular things to do and see without battling crowds. 

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Avoid Holiday Weekends

One of the most expensive times to travel is during a holiday weekend (or during the week if a holiday falls during that time). Usually, there is no way to avoid higher charges because so many people tend to travel and prices increase. If you can avoid traveling during this time, it will save you money. 

If you know for sure you will be traveling over a holiday, there are still a few ways to find deals. One is to book in advance. The sooner you can book the better chance of having a discount. The other is to travel in advance of the holiday – even if it’s 2-3 days ahead you can find savings. 

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Seek Out Lesser Known Locations

Don’t want to deal with crowds? Then you may want to avoid more popular destinations and attractions. Now is a great time to seek out places that are not as popular. Some destinations have always been known for their crowds and you can expect that will still be the case. Instead, look for lesser-known gems. There are hundreds of places and activities that would love to have you visit!

What this means is that instead of going to Disney World, for example, is there a smaller, less-visited amusement park that you could visit? Or, instead of going to New Orleans for example, why not consider Baton Rouge? No matter where you want to go, there is likely to be another option that is similar but perhaps not as popular with visitors. 

Book in Advance or Find Last Minute Availability

This strategy is always a toss-up but if you’re flexible and willing to take some risks then it can work in your favor. You can usually find deals either well in advance or at the last minute. Whichever approach you take, know that it could not work. So if you MUST travel or MUST go to a specific location then this isn’t the ideal approach for you. 

But, if you’re simply looking for a getaway and willing to not go if the price isn’t right then it’s worth a shot! 

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Check Deal Sites

One additional way to find deals on travel is to use deal sites. Groupon remains a popular option, especially in the US. For flight deals, Skyscanner is a great choice especially if you’re open to where you’ll go and simply want to find an affordable flight. You can use the “Anywhere” option to find deals from your departure city to all locations. 

If you’ll be taking a road trip, an app like GasBuddy can help you find the best price for gas while you’re traveling. Another website (and app) RoadTrippers is a good tool for planning travel and has built-in functions that allow you to see pricing for hotels and activities. 

It might be a little more difficult to find great travel deals in locations that also have no crowds, however, with a little bit of planning and flexibility, it is still possible. 

How to find the best travels deals with the least amount of crowds.
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