How did I get this health enthusiast in my house?

sodaAs a busy mom of active kids, I strive to give them the best of everything. With so many additives in food, it becomes hard and expensive.  But I have a ringer in the house to help me keep the family in check.  My son was at school one day with his normal energetic self.  But when he came home, he was focused on ensuring our family ate healthier food.

Because he is still young, it was hard for my husband and I to adjust.  He was going as far as hiding bad foods.  That would be great if it were canned food, but finding some nasty old wrapped food behind furniture is disgusting.  Then there is SODA.  I don't know what type of discussion they had at school, but he is animatedly against ANYONE in this house from drinking soda.

I would love to be mad at him, but he is right.  We should eat and drink healthier foods.  The only sad part is that he is into Gatorade, now that he is an athlete.  I am afraid to tell him what's in Gatorade.

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  1. Gatorade is full of sugar but more than likely your son is burning off enough calories to counteract its effects. But drinking water is the best option after playing sports.

    Posted 8.5.13

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