I am TIRED!!!!!!

inadequate-sleep-causes-dark-circlesI got home, and just got in bed.  I didn't clean up, I didn't make dinner, I didn't do anything but climb the stairs and get into bed.  It was just one of those days.  There was sooooooo much to do to just get ready for the today, that I was up to the wee hours of morning preparing.  And then the normal busy, hectic, chronic time consuming day kicked in.

And I must admit, it WORE MY @SS OUT!

Hubby, come out to check on me.  I think he got a little worried as I usually just have a quick lay over at home before the next meeting or helping the kids with homework.  This day, was just different.  I was out of energy.  So I asked Hubby to wake me up in hour or so.   Then my daughter came me to wake me up with one of her favorite songs on the violin.   It was beautiful, but it didn't wake me all the way up.  I don't know what I did different in the last 24 hours, but I must admit… it WORE MY @SS OUT!

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  1. You have a lot going on internally and externally, so you booty will be worn out some days. And you know what, that is okay. Take the rest and enjoy it. There are days coming in the future where you won’t rest, so enjoy the rest today!

    Posted 8.6.13

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