Get Ready for the Big Screen Event of the Season: Barbie the Movie- Free Passes!

Hey there, Barbie fans! Are you ready for the ultimate pink experience this summer? Barbie is hitting the big screen on July 21, and it’s time to gather up your friends and family for an adventure of a lifetime. Warner Bros. Pictures’ Barbie takes you on a journey into the magical and glittery world of Barbie Land. But wait, there’s more! We’re giving away tickets to a special advance screening in Philadelphia on July 18. So, read on and discover why this movie is a must-watch!

The Barbie movie has been long-awaited by fans all over the world. The movie brings Barbie to life in a way that’s never been done before. Barbie, also known as Barbara Millicent Roberts, is a fashion icon, businesswoman, and a pop culture icon. The movie celebrates all things Barbie and brings her back into the spotlight. This movie is not just for kids; it’s also for adults who grew up with Barbie and cherish those memories.

In the movie, the audience is transported to the lively and colorful world of Barbie Land. The audience will discover new characters and places that have never been seen before. Barbie and her friends travel to different parts of the world, including Paris and New York. Every frame of the movie is jam-packed with amazing visuals and vibrant colors. Imagine a world where everything is possible and nothing is impossible; that’s what Barbie Land is all about!

But the movie is not just about the stunning visuals and catchy music. It’s also about the message it sends to the audience. Barbie has always been about empowering girls and encouraging them to follow their dreams. In this day and age, where girls are still fighting for equality, Barbie sends a powerful message that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. The movie celebrates female empowerment and encourages girls to dream big and make their own path in life.

Get Ready for the Big Screen Event of the Season: Barbie the Movie- Free Passes! 1
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If you’re a fan of pop music, then you’re in for a treat. The movie features some amazing music from popular artists such as Jesse Saint John, Lizzo, and Chloe x Halle. The music is uplifting, empowering, and will have you dancing in your seat. The movie also features incredible voice talent such as Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone. Every character in the movie is unique, well developed, and adds to the overall experience.

How To Get Tickets

Make sure you leave a comment here telling us why you're excited to see this movie and we will randomly select winners. We can't wait to hear all your thoughts on the movie once its released! And don't forget that when you join our newsletter, you get exclusive access to news and promotions. Don't miss out – hope to see you at the movies!

WHAT: Admit pass for two to the screening of the Barbie Movie

WHEN: Tuesday, July 18, 2023; 7:30 PM

WHERE: Philadelphia Film Center
                1412 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

Rating: PG-13

Running time: 1 hour 54 minutes

Genre:  Comedy Narrative

Winners have been notified! Thanks for entering

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  1. Emily Melendez wrote:

    I am so excited to see this movie as I loved playing with Barbies as a kid and to see them come to life would be an amazing opportunity to experience.

    Posted 7.15.23
  2. Tina M Poley wrote:

    I would love to see the Barbie Movie. Barbie was such a big part of my childhood (and life) that my mom and aunts shared with me and now I share with my niece. Thank you for the chance!

    Posted 7.15.23
  3. Tracey Scott-Hall wrote:

    I absolutely love Barbie and seeing this with my best friend will remind me of growing up together playing with Barbies at our sleepovers.

    Posted 7.15.23
  4. Eboni Willis wrote:

    I am such a HUGE Barbie fan! I remember getting the special gel to style my Barbie’s hair and my Grandmother making extra sweaters for her, during the winter, to match my own.

    Posted 7.15.23
  5. Dominick wrote:

    My wife really wants to see this and it would be a great birthday gift for her

    Posted 7.15.23
  6. Alexia wrote:

    Like many young girls I loved Barbie growing up. Excited to see a live action version!

    Posted 7.15.23
  7. Michael wrote:

    This movie is all the rage! Have to see it!

    Posted 7.15.23
  8. Brad Merrell wrote:

    I’m excited for this movie because it looks fun, but mostly because my girlfriend is super excited about it and I want to take her

    Posted 7.15.23
  9. I’ve always loved my barbies and the message of empowerment. I’m excited to also see Issa Rae and wear my Black Barbie shirt I’ve had since I was young.

    Posted 7.15.23
  10. Gladys Smith wrote:

    I’m excited to see The Barbie Movie, because it looks like so much care and love went into making the movie a real quality piece of work!

    Posted 7.15.23
  11. Theo wrote:

    I really want to see of she’s really living in a Barbie world !!!

    Posted 7.15.23
  12. Theo wrote:

    Barbie is the best and all girls should hope to be soooooo glamorous

    Posted 7.15.23
  13. Jade Hoch wrote:

    So excited to take my 16 year old, who’s a life long (in all her 16 years ) to see Barbie! She can’t wait!

    Posted 7.15.23
  14. Mary Butler wrote:

    This movie just seems to bring so much joy that is needed right about now!

    Posted 7.15.23
  15. Mary Butler wrote:

    This movie just seems to bring so much joy that is needed right about now! I am so excited to see it!

    Posted 7.15.23
  16. Zachery Sminkey wrote:

    My daughter has always collected Barbie’s since she was little. She is so excited to is movie and would love to take her!!

    Posted 7.15.23
  17. This movie is everything my inner child needs… this movie gives you happiness and fun. What a great way to relive some of the best times of your childhood.

    Posted 7.15.23
  18. Zachery Sminkey wrote:

    My daughter loves Barbie and she’s been collecting them since she was little. Would love to take her to go to this.

    Posted 7.15.23
  19. Barb Mirell wrote:

    As a child, I had a big Barbie collection. And since I was born in the 1950’s and named Barbara, my Dad’s nickname for me was Barbie Doll!

    Posted 7.15.23
  20. Tia Denise Rideout wrote:

    I would love this see this new Barbie movie! It will remind me of my childhood and I love a great party!

    Posted 7.15.23
  21. Brittany P wrote:

    I’ve always been a Barbie fan! I collected all the Barbie’s when I was younger and would love to see this movie to help me relive my childhood!

    Posted 7.15.23
  22. Brittany P wrote:

    I would LOVEEEE to see this movie

    Posted 7.15.23
  23. Chuck Williams wrote:

    It was our 32 anniversary on Friday. Tonight coming home from the shore my wife went on andnon about playing Barbie with her cousin. It would be pretty cool to won tix for a preview!!

    Posted 7.15.23
  24. Irene Myers wrote:

    I’m ready for my childhood to come to life!!!! Also excited to see President Barbie aka Issa Rae

    Posted 7.16.23
  25. Marvin Dela-Cruz wrote:

    I’m super excited to see the movie because of all the cameos and celebrities who will be in it. Margot Robbie is such an amazing actress and this would be a great opportunity to see the new movie before it releases! Manifesting.

    Posted 7.16.23
  26. Marvin Cristobal wrote:

    I’m super excited to see the movie because of all the cameos and celebrities who will be in it. Margot Robbie is such an amazing actress and this would be a great opportunity to see the new movie before it releases! Manifesting.

    Posted 7.16.23
  27. Haily lavallee wrote:

    Growing up I moved a lot and Barbie’s were my only friend. So excited for a live action!

    Posted 7.16.23
  28. I’m not a barbie girl, but I’m the closest thing to Ken that a brutha can be.

    Posted 7.16.23
  29. Rayven Scott wrote:

    I am excited to see the Barbie movie because I’ve been a massive fan since I was a little girl. From having a million dolls, to the sheets on my bed. I’m elated that as an adult, with this movie I can still enjoy the doll that brought me so much joy.

    Posted 7.16.23
  30. Shelby wrote:

    Amazing birthday Gift for myself 7/20. I would love to attend this event with my big sis. We are 90’s girls. So excited to see the barbie movie. It will be an eventful start to my bday week.

    Posted 7.16.23
  31. Rachee wrote:

    I’m excited to see Barbie because she was an escape for me when life was rough for tween aged Rachee.

    Posted 7.16.23
  32. Tim Martin wrote:

    I cant wait to see this movie I’m super excited to see how this IP translates into the big screen

    Posted 7.16.23
  33. Michael Rosario wrote:

    I would really love to see this movie. I inherited my older sister’s Barbie Dream Pool set and I was obsessed with it, but it mysteriously disappeared (I suspect my parents approved). It would be a full circle moment for me.

    Posted 7.17.23
  34. Rayven Scott wrote:

    I’ve always loved Barbie since I was a little girl. From having a million dolls, to having her plastered on my bed sheets. I’m elated to be able to continue my joy of Barbie through this movie. It’s been a joyous couple of months seeing the iconic pink everywhere as almost every brand have collaborated with Barbie at this time. I’d love to be able to get the chance to dress up in all pink, buy movie merch, and see the movie before it hits theaters.

    Posted 7.17.23
  35. Darleen wrote:

    I’m a Barbie Girl in a house full of men

    Posted 7.17.23
  36. Daniel dominic Hiller wrote:

    barbie all the way!!!

    Posted 7.17.23
  37. Daniel dominic Hiller wrote:

    yeah barbie!!!

    Posted 7.17.23
  38. Kahlil wrote:

    I just really want to see the movie and can’t wait any longer

    Posted 7.17.23
  39. Karin P wrote:

    Been waiting for this movie for a while now. Love all things Barbie!

    Posted 7.17.23
  40. Natasha Figueroa wrote:

    Is this still open? I’d love to be able to take my daughter to the screening. She’s been home all summer and this is something new, it’d be a beautiful surprise.

    Posted 7.18.23

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