Five Safety Tips for Kids during Trick or Treating


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) posted guidance for the holidays, including Halloween. The federal agency warns people to avoid higher risk activities, including door-to-door trick or treating; attending crowded, indoor costume parties; visiting indoor haunted houses; or going on hayrides or tractors rides with strangers. 

Halloween is full of excitement for kids all around the world and why wouldn't it be? They get to dress in their favourite costumes, go around asking for candy and eat as much sweets as they want. But this year, it's bound to be different than the normal way in which you celebrate this spooky festival. 

Though you have to be extra careful while doing trick or treating, that doesn't mean your fun needs to stop. In this article, we have listed some Halloween tips for COVID you can take to enjoy a safe Halloween in the midst of the pandemic. 

  1. Plan your trick or treating route carefully

The most important part of going trick or treating this year is deciding the part of the neighborhood you want to explore. Choosing a safe route is the first precautionary step you can take as a parent. 

Seek out the parts of the area where there are no possible cases or any kind of threat. Try to avoid red or orange zones especially with your kids. If possible, plan a short trip for trick or treating this year and avoid being outside for too long. Also make sure that your children are aware about this plan well in advance. 

  1. Organize virtual costume parties for them

Having friends over and watching scary movies together is also a big part of celebrating Halloween. But with social distancing rules, being close to loved ones might also be a little difficult.

But you can always find a safe middle ground – use the internet and advanced technology to virtually celebrating this festival. Organize zoom calls and watch movies over them. You can even make them wear Halloween kids costumes for these calls to get more involved. This way you can be assured as a parent that you are putting your child in danger of getting the virus. But at the same time, you are allowing them to enjoy as much as possible. 

  1. Avoid walking inside the house to get candy

If your neighbours and you are really nice friends, you might always end up going inside when you take your kids to their place for trick or treating. This year though, it is better to keep distance from them for safety purposes.

If you do intend to go inside, it is better to ask them for hand sanitizer before stepping inside. Wear a mask yourself and also make your kids wear it while you are out of your house. These are some basic things you must do for an outdoor activity like trick or treating. 

  1. Educate your kids about the importance of being safe

There just so much you can do in order to keep your family miles away from getting infected. To make this a bit easier on yourself, you have to teach your kids how to be safe as well. 

Get them used to wearing protective gears like hand gloves and masks in advance. Let them learn about the importance of social distancing on their own and how they can practice it while doing trick or treating. This way they will use their own mind to help you be secure this Halloween.

5. Create New Traditions

Don't feel pressured to celebrate the way you always have. We are living in different times, so focus on having fun and creating new memories.


With the pandemic still hovering over the world, the definition of celebration has completely changed in the last few months. Even a fantastic Halloween celebration needs to be toned down to put safety first. 

Using these small Halloween safety tips and suggestions, you can make sure your child is 100% safe while enjoying trick or treating. We hope that you and your kids have a safe Halloween experience this year.

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