Top 7 Safety Tips You Should Follow While Having a Road Trip


As exciting as it sounds, every road trip is a fun-filled experience that comes with memories to cherish for a lifetime. It’s time to pack your bags. So, read up on the tips and ride away.

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The following tips are a must before hitting the road but I don't advise you to ride in the trunk.

Tips for Safe Road Trip

  1. ​Carry Essential IDs

The most important part of any road trip is driving license and other proof of identity like government-issued IDs. These are crucial for safety check boards. These are also asked for by certain lodging facilitators and hotels which are the potential stops in any road trip. Make a small pouch for the original IDs and make photocopies and keep them handy. This will eliminate the chances of loss of the ID documents.

  1. ​Research on the Local Atmosphere
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Before planning a road trip alone or with family, do a thorough check of the local areas that will come in your path to the destination. You want to identify all the places that are safe to stop on the road trip. These include checking for the local political situation, locating essential stores, and so on. For instance, if the destination includes small towns, check recent news about them just to be acquainted with any unrest or difficult situations. This is essential before heading to sparsely populated places and exotic locations.

  1. Create a Safe Word

I always believe that it is better to be over prepared. A road trip safe word is essential for those times when maybe you can't officially ask for help. You can phone someone who knows the word and in the midst of conversation alert them to your location and then use the safe word. As a realtor, we would do this by calling the agent on duty and ask them to get the red folder from our desk for whatever address we were at.

  1. ​Emergency Equipment for a Vehicle Breakdown
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This is one of the important tips for a safe road trip. If you are driving yourself make sure that you have basic skills like changing tires and tackling small breakdowns of the vehicle. Keep all kinds of backups for the vehicle. And always ask yourself “is my car safe for a road trip” This will prevent unnecessary interruptions in the trip.

Before hitting the road make an emergency kit for a safe road trip as per the number of members in the group. Include things like dry food, packaged drinking water, basic medicines, and related things. This will help in all kinds of unforeseen situations and will make the experience smooth and hassle free. Don't forget to add hand sanitizer, lysol and gloves.

  1. Essential Gadgets

Do not forget to pack the essential gadgets like the AUX cables, powerbank, selfie sticks etc. if you like to take pictures, bring memory card backups to document every part of the trip. This will help you in curating the best memories from an amazing road trip. Invest in easily usable gadgets and battery operated things like, battery operated self-freezing coolers to store all the hydrating fluids at chilled temperatures. Carry essential things like hand torches, and back up power banks.If you are using gadgets like drones and go pro , take some essential tips from the professionals to make use of these gadgets in the best possible way.

  1. Vehicle Insurance

One of the crucial things about heading out using a personal vehicle is insurance. Make sure that the vehicle is insured and all the basic formalities in the entire process is complete before the journey. This ensures tension free drive since all the potential risks are under cover.This will keep all the tensions of driving in your own way at the bay. Also carry photocopies of the insurance documents for any emergency needs.

  1. Take Note of Basic Maintenance Skills
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The basics of any road trip has already been noted but one of the chief points that must be noted along is getting oneself acquainted with basic skills too. Like if you are out for a road trip that leads to a hiking or trekking destination, be prepared to survive on very simple things. Also take note of stuff like setting up tents, lighting firewood etc. Using food supplies in a judicious manner so that it lasts longer. Do not forget to pack essentials like insect repellents and sanitizers on a trip like this.  

These are some of the essential tips concisely curated for all the thrill seeking souls who are planning a long or even solo road trip. Safety should always be top of mine so make certain to add in an extra prayer for a safe road trip.

Do you have any road trips coming up?

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