Fat and Lazy, Reward Yourself for Not Being Either

Does Fat and Lazy alarm you? It should. I recently commented on a post about “non invasive fat reduction” and was surprised by the responses. Non invasive fat reduction is a procedure to help get rid of those unwanted deposits of fat that tend to accumulate in problem areas of the body. It is often called CoolScultping and has become a popular method for many looking to lose weight. “The process freezes away stubborn fat, while leaving the surface skin layer undamaged. The damaged fat cells are then naturally disposed of by the body, leaving you with a more contoured look.”

I jokingly (maybe) asked the cost and later saw a response that fat people are lazy. I absolutely hate generalizations because unless you know everyone that is “fat” then you can't assume that. It started me thinking further about what is considered fat. Much like success, it has to be an individual decision. There is so much controversy surrounding BMI (Body Mass Index) and if we should actually use it as a reliable determination factor. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), BMI is calculate by dividing your weight (in pounds) by your height (in inches) squared, and multiply that number by 703. If the resulting number is 30 or higher, by American standards, you are considered obese. You're overweight if your BMI is between 25 and 29.9. If you're under 18.5, you are underweight. The “normal” range is 18.5 to 24.9. This does not take into account that muscle weighs more than fat so an extremely active fit women could be considered obese based on this.

Exercise equipment at the Even Hotel in NYC.
growingbig | Life in Pumps Even hotels provide space and equipment to exercise in room

I can pretty much guarantee that no one wants to be fat/overweight. There is so much negativity associated with it. Studies show that people who are labeled fat are stigmatized and discriminated against but much like bullying it continues to happen. Instead of motivating people, fat shaming makes them feel terrible about themselves, causing them to eat more, gain more weight and often retreat alone.

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Unfortunately I see this in my own family, where we negatively comment on the bodies of others and ourselves. I am guilty and have to be mindful that my children are not only watching but listening. It pains me to hear children talk about being overweight despite being active.

Eliminating excess weight is not an easy task and often times life can be so busy that you allow the excuse of “busyness” to immobilize you but studies show that when done in a group the accountability causes you to take action. I am using DietBet to keep me accountable . The weekly check-ins and motivation from others will help keep me on track. My challenge starts on September 3rd and I invite you to join me. Click here for all the details

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