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Finding Dory Review
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I am so excited that “Finding Dory” makes its grand debut in theaters this week because my daughter has been harassing me to give her details. I was fortunate enough to catch a sneak preview while at Disney Social Media Moms Conference and sworn to secrecy:)

In light of so much tragedy happening in the world, it's always great to find a way to laugh and a Disney movie never disappoints. The movie has you remembering when you were on the edge of your seat with “Finding Nemo” but touches on some things that you may have missed or just forgot.

If you are like Dory, then your memory is literally a minute long but it doesn't stop you from being a great friend. The common theme throughout the movie is acceptance of yourself and others. Dory encounters so many characters and despite their flaws, she instantly accepts this. I wish we lived in a world where people are accepted no matter their race, religion or social identity. We all have flaws and as For navigates the water she starts to accept her own.

Another theme is Family. If you recall when we were first introduced to Dory, she had no clue where she was from or if she had a family.  Her memory is triggered and she realizes that she had to come from somewhere and they might be looking for her and this starts her adventure.

Use Dory's adventure as a teachable moment. Use this Friends and Family Kelp Tree to document your special relationships or this weekly calendar to help the kids keep track of things.

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