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I take great comfort in living in the Philadelphia area because I know that we have probably the best healthcare for our children around. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a growing network of facilities and resources created to provide exceptional healthcare services to all children, for every possible need. As a parent, we all know how scary it can be when your child is faced with an unforeseen medical emergency but with more than 50 locations within the CHOP Care Network a doctor is never far away.

My children have been a part of the network since birth. I asked for referrals from friends while pregnant and interviewed a few doctors which were all a part of the CHOP network and have never regretted my decision. I have moved twice since they were born and loved that switching offices was easier that switching utilities. The records were easily accessible to me and the new office.  No matter what office we visit, I find that the level of care remains the same which is important.

Last year, we found ourselves sitting in the emergency room because my daughter had suffered a febrile seizure. She was transported by ambulance because she was not responsive. The driver was unable to take us to Urgent Care or the ER of our choice so we went to another facility. She was treated and quickly released but not handled with a kid glove. I followed up with her primary while driving home and she immediately requested that we go to the Specialty Care facility for further testing. She read the ER notes(I faxed them from the hospital) but I think it was the concern in my voice that made her react.  I could tell that she had questions that she wanted to ask but knew I was a nervous wreck and getting additional testing  was the best recourse.

Febrile seizures typically stop at age 6, my daughter was 8 and I needed answers.  The doctors at CHOP King of Prussia, answered every question and put my mind at ease. They showed me the scans and discussed the effects of febrile seizures along with what to do if it happens again. We will follow up with a yearly scan but I am just grateful that I have some of the best children doctors in my back yard.

More about Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:

CHOP PRIMARY CARE: CHOP Primary Care practices, located throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, provide convenient access to primary health and wellness services for children close to home.

 CHOP SPECIALTY CARE AND SURGERY CENTERS: No matter where you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey, our Specialty Care and Ambulatory Surgery Centers are close to home and convenient for care for all types of special medical conditions.

 For a growing number of pediatric surgical procedures, families can access the services of renowned Children's Hospital surgeons without a trip to the city. At our suburban Ambulatory Surgery Centers, all procedures are performed by full surgical teams, including pediatric anesthesiologists. Staff at these ambulatory sites are all CHOP employees and have the same training as staff at the Main Campus

At the comfortable, spacious Specialty Care Centers, children can see top Children's Hospital specialists in convenient, close-to-home locations. The centers offer a wide range of diagnostic testing, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation services in many pediatric specialties.

 AFTER-HOURS URGENT CARE : From belly aches to broken bones and scrapes,sometimes kids need doctors after “office” hours. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Urgent Care offers fast, convenient care for children from infants to adolescents, from a dedicated team of board-certified CHOP pediatricians and pediatric nurses. If your doctor’s office is closed and your child needs to be seen right away, but it’s not a true emergency, we’re here to help. We’ll partner with your primary care provider to make sure your child gets the care he needs. Onsite X-ray and labs are also available. (Learn more about the difference between the ER and Urgent Care.)

HOME CARE: The understanding that home is often the best environment for children who are recovering from illness or coping with chronic conditions has led to an increased commitment to home care. Our Home Care program offers a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, social workers, dieticians and delivery technicians and others who coordinate home visits, infusion therapy and medical equipment for thousands of area children.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia but all comments and opinions belong to the Neighborhood.


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