Did You Watch “Fix My Life with Iyanla”?

Don't throw stones at me but I didn't watch the show. First I don't have the OWN channel as part of my cable subscription (not a priority in the budget).  Second, I felt like it was a publicity stunt to get her a new reality TV show; and lastly I am not sure, I was interested in hearing what she had to say. I will admit to watching “Basketball Wives” weekly while tweeting and posting comments on facebook. It is purely for commic relief as I don't expect to reap any lasting benefit.  I however have a different expectation where Iyanla Vanzant is concerned. I have read most of her books and learned many life lessons. I think deep inside I expected Evelyn to tarnish that.

Last week I participated in a twitter party hosted by PhenomenallyU where we were asked if we thought Evelyn Lozada was a role model for our daughters. I along with many of the participants instantly stated NO.  I would have been embarassed if my child behaved in such a manner. I realize that most of reality television is staged but at the end of the day, my name is all I have. We learned the following day that Evelyn and her people were not happy about the repsonses.  This would have been a wonderful opportunity for her to chime in and allow us to see that she is so much more than that what we see on tv.

What Evelyn Lozada Has Learned About Herself

The past two months have been a roller coaster in reality star Evelyn Lozada's life. So what has she learned about herself? Plus, Evelyn reveals whether she still talks to her estranged husband, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

This morning I watched a clip of the show as Iyanla forced her to see her role in all of it.  No woman deserves or should expect to be hit and I am glad that she continued to tell her that.  It was truly a powerful message as she encouraged her to heal and thank him for her new awakening. Life is all about how we respond to hiccups that happen along the way. My prayer for Evelyn is that she fnds peace with herself and that she uses what happened to help others.

Did you watch the show and if so what were you thoughts?

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  1. I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do 🙂 …

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