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Health in a Box 1Over the spring I was asked to review the Klutch Club. I could not say no when I realized it was a box worth $70 filled with health, wellness, and fitness products that are delivered right to your door. I don't know about you but the conveinence of that alone makes it worth more than the $18.00 subscription price.

This box delivered more than I expected.

It was stuffed with some great health and wellness products and tips. Many of these, I had not heard of but the information I found on them was very promising. There were a few that I had seen at a local health food store and wondered about it but the price deterred me. I like to try new things but not if the price is not right. The Klutch Club allowed me to use the items and determine if I wanted to buy them for future use.


Health in a Box 2

My daughter and I used the yoga tape to stretch out our muscles. My son was against it once he saw the lady on the cover- boys:) Both kids loved the tea as we are serious tea drinkers. I have already purchased an assorted box. The best for me was the coconut water, adeep pore facial wash and fish oil. I have been hearing about the great attributes of coconut water but never really knew which brand to buy. This was the Zicco brand and the taste was wonderful.

The facial wash was very low maintenance and as a busy mom, that is what I need. I loved the smell and the way it made my face feel.

You are probably wondering why I liked the fish oil. To be perfectly hones, I know it is great for you as I often try to sneak it in the kids food because they will not swallow it without a mixer of the sort. I tried this and the taste was not at all what I expected. After a week, the kids tried it also and were surprised that it did not taste like fish:)

I am definitely signing up to join the club as I am on a mission to change the way we eat and this would prove to be a constant reminder. I encourage you to consider it and let me know your thoughts?


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