Calm Down

Calm Down 1I had to put one of my children in check today. A mommys duties are never done. Unfortunately he was just overdosed on sugar. We have slowly introduced small amounts through various foods. None were having too crazy an effect, but today was over board. He was back to just screaming, running wildly and just acting uncontrollably silly.

Sadly I know some moms have let people (teachers, doctors and/or friends) convince them these are signs that a child requires medication. If you don't read anything else I write, write the following sentence at least 3 times. Children's behavior is a direct result of the food they eat. (reminder read that sentence 3 times). There are of course other factors, but when you are ready to see a huge improvement in your child eliminate their sugar intake completely.

We received a wake up call today. Sugar is everywhere!Calm Down 2 And that everywhere is very evident at kids birthday party's. It is simply too difficult for children to resist the temptation at least, but we must remain vigilant.

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