Family Day

Family Day 1Mars may need moms but sometimes mommys need their whole family together doing the same thing. So today we went to a movie after the daily grind was over. Hubby was late, stuck in traffic as usual, but he made it.

Although the movie was enjoyable, by far the best part was seeing my whole family together at once. The reality is we are four individuals with rarely a common thread between our activities. My son and I are very outgoing, whereas my husband and daughter are very slow to warm up to people. Hubby and my son have martial arts and of course my daughter and I like to shop. So where does that leave us a family?

I realize that we have to make an extra effort to ensure whenever possible we get out and do things together. Today it was the movies we just us and one other family, tomorrow who knows. We haven't designated a night thus far, but we are getting to that part.

My family is very important to me. I am willing to continue to make the mommy sacrifices to ensure we not only have happy lives individually but as a family unit.

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