Being an at home executive chef

I have a new plan and could use your support.  I am not the primary cook in our family, but I am in charge of procurement.  I know what I like and I know what I want in our food.  My only challenge is controlling what my family eats on a regular basis.  If we are home it is easier, but if we are out it is honestly difficult to keep my husband and kids focused on waiting on dinner.

Starting March 21st I am creating a weekly menu. I want them to know before they leave the house exactly what they are going to be eating.   I am going to completely organize the first week, but I will give them an opportunity to add or remove some things in the future.  There are two great parts to this plan.  I will limit the amount of sugar my family eats daily and save our family some money.

I need your support to make this happen.  My family gets behind most things I do, but when they see people outside our family supporting me they become enthused about it.  The more comments I can show them about you doing this for your family the more my own family will continue doing it as well.

So mommys whether you like me on Facebook or tweet your support keep it coming.  I will share my weekly menu with you and all I ask is that you either tell me how it worked for your family or send me a copy of your own menus.   I also have a very good friend that's a chef and if we get enough support perhaps he could offer classes for us (or whoever the cook is in your home).

So lets have a little contest. The winner will receive a Couponizer. Being an at home executive chef 1Being an at home executive chef 2I have recently learned how to work the coupon game:)

To show your support all you have to do is:

1) Like “My Mommy's Neighborhood” on facebook

2) Tweet this contest and include#mmneighborhood #healthyeating

3) Write a comment

4) Follow this blog.

You have from now until April 20th to complete the above activities, and automatically enter for a chance to win.  The winner will be drawn, at random, on April 20th 5pm.

Mommy supporter extraordinaire!

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  1. cocoamommy wrote:

    I have clipped coupons since the 90s and am getting back into the routine slowly but surely. The couponizer is more compact than my current coupon binder.

    Posted 3.21.11
    • Kayleigh wrote:

      Wow, that’s a really cveelr way of thinking about it!

      Posted 6.26.11
      • Kaed wrote:

        This info is the cat’s paajams!

        Posted 9.8.11
      • Jaylynn wrote:

        I serahced a bunch of sites and this was the best.

        Posted 9.10.11
  2. cocoamommy wrote:

    liked on Facebook

    Posted 3.21.11
    • Fleta wrote:

      Got it! Thanks a lot again for helnpig me out!

      Posted 6.25.11
      • Dilly wrote:

        Home run! Great sugligng with that answer!

        Posted 9.8.11
      • Jane wrote:

        If you’re reading this, you’re all set, parnedr!

        Posted 9.10.11

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