Killing to Get In

Killing to Get In 1I recently watched a repeat episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent where the mom was killing parents so that her child could get into an elite preschool.  I saw this episode when it originally aired and laughed at the thought but more recently, I felt this mother's pain.

My children were a part of this process where they had to take an IQ test and be scrutinized.  I sat by and witnessed what I could, wondering if I were doing my kids a disservice. How important is going to a private school when I have a great public school around the corner. We all want the best for our children, but how do you ensure your children have better and more opportunities?  You have to invest, but when is the best time to make that investment? You may ask is all of this worth the effort? I would actually like your opinion.

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  1. Danita wrote:

    hello there, wonderful blog page, and a good understand! just one for my book marks.

    Posted 3.23.11
    • Gatsy wrote:

      In awe of that anwesr! Really cool!

      Posted 6.26.11
      • Stella wrote:

        How could any of this be better sttead? It couldn’t.

        Posted 9.8.11
      • Missy wrote:

        Real brain power on display. Thanks for that asnwer!

        Posted 9.10.11

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