Win-Spring Trip with Mazda

In the Northeast, it seems that Mother Nature was not certain which season, she wanted us to live in. It could be warm one day and snowing the next. I constantly tell people that she is angry with how we treat the earth and we need to do better. So many of us have been crying out for spring.


Spring break is usually an exciting time for us. As a busy family, we know that it is one of the few times that we will be able to travel without worrying about missing school work or some other activity. This year I was wrong!! No one told me that high school sports and school work don't stop. I was so excited that my high school freshman had an opportunity to make the varsity lacrosse team until I saw that the schedule eliminated most of my spring break plans.  Quick decisions had to be made as we were approaching the deadline for canceling without penalty.  The weather forecast helped us to determine that cancelling was the best option as another Nor'easter was in sight. As moms, we always tend to have a back up plan don't we? I decided it was best to plan a day trip with a twist and thanks to Mazda I could leave the minvan at home!

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Washington DC

My daughter and I packed an overnight bag and headed to our nations capital.  We are not strangers to Washington, DC but rarely do we get any sightseeing in but this time would be different.  I had my daughter pick up some brochures from Union Station to decide how we would enjoy the day.  With so much to do and see we decided that a Duck Tour would be a great option.

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JOY Rich Leather Weekender with Revolutionary Spinline™ Wheels, HSN.com

The Duck Tour boards at Union Station and continues down Pennsylvania avenue. As you past the historical monuments and museums the captain gives you detailed information, interesting highlights and lots of jokes! I especially enjoyed the plunge into the water as you are able to get views of buildings that are hard to see from the land due to security issues. I probably enjoyed the duck whistles a little too much as I blew it more than instructed.

DC Duck Tours- Life in Pumps

Blow that Whistle- DC Duck Tour- Life in Pumps

The beauty of visiting Washington, DC is that most of the museums are FREE! (Budget Win) Due to time constraints we only had time to visit one so she chose the National Air and Space Museum.  This place is a science lovers playground and we played until they announced closing time.

Air and Space Museum- Visit DC- Life in Pumps

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No visit is complete without a space buddy.

After the long day in Washington D.C. we headed home.  Navigation systems have improved so much over the years.  I know the default for many is to use the mobile phone, but the Mazda system got us home safe and sound.  Even better we didn’t have to stop for gas.   My partner in crime was sound asleep so the Bose integrated sound system XM radio kept me going and energized.  The Mazda CX-9 not only has heated seats but a heated steering wheel, this seems to be standard in most luxury cars for luxury bucks. Tracking my mileage and being aware of road conditions was easy as the Mazda displays this on the front window.


As luck would have it, we woke up to a two hour delay due to snow….Where is spring?

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. Mazda allowed the use of this vehicle, tickets were provided by Historic Tours and the overnight bag-HSN.com. All opinions are my own.



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