Seven Steps to Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

This post is sponsored by Clorox®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The weather in the Northeast has been extremely unpredictable but cracked windows and the gentle breeze is a sign that spring is in the air. What better time to start planning your spring cleaning. There is something about being able to let the fresh air and sunshine in that motivates me and I absolutely hate cleaning. It's a task that must be done so I always look for ways to make it easier.  Here are my seven tips that I use to get it done.

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  1. Cleaning System: Make a list of what needs to be cleaned in each room. Take a stroll around the room so nothing is forgotten and it will allow you to time block appropriately. I also have certain days that each room is cleaned and I note it on my calendar as a reminder.
  2. Playlist: There is nothing fun about cleaning so crank up the music and sing/dance your way to a cleaner house and get some added steps.  I'm excited to put my Cardi B playlist to use.
  3. Time Block: Avoid getting overwhelmed by attempting to clean everything at once. This is also a great way to keep yourself on track as I am known to get sidetracked by something I find.
  4. De-clutter: While going through each room make certain to remove clutter.  I use the method- keep, sell or giveaway when finding unused items.
  5. Supplies:  There is nothing worse than interrupting your flow because you are out of something. I keep two cleaning caddies stocked with supplies to avoid this. I have a list stored on my phone as a reminder to check for sales as I am out shopping. Disinfecting wipes, should always be on the list as they are easy to use. Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers serve multiple uses and I feel better knowing that they are better for quick clean up and avoid overusing sprays. The Disinfecting wipes are strong and hold up to our household messes.  They also kill 99% of viruses and bacteria.Clorox Wipes - spring cleaning- life in pumps- #cleanisthebeginning
  6. Recruit some help: Unless you live alone, this should be a group effort. Assign age appropriate tasks to each person in your house hold. A clean house is everyone's responsibility.
  7. Reward yourself: I use this as a way to keep myself motivated to complete each task. It doesn't have to be costly but something that you don't buy often. Lately it's been candy that I find in the check out aisle of Walmart.

What tips would you add to the list? Check out the Clorox website for other cleaning tips and stop by Walmart to purchase.

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  1. I use these all the time at work and home.

    Posted 5.16.18
  2. Gina wrote:

    Ha! Thought I was the only one that had a housecleaning playlist 🙂 Mine has a bunch of fun songs that get me moving and making cleaning more of a workout.

    Posted 5.17.18
  3. Kathy T wrote:

    I have to spring clean my office. I am really gong to need this ideas. Thank you

    Posted 5.17.18
  4. Chantae wrote:

    I love Clorox wipes, but never used this particular kind! I’m adding to my Wal-Mart shopping list! Thx!

    Posted 5.17.18
  5. Filip wrote:

    I can say all Clorox products are amazing. They work like magic. Especially the toilet cleaning bleach gel.

    Posted 6.3.18

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