Two Day Detox with #WeighFast

Philadelphia was voted one of the fattest cities in the United States and I can understand why. There is an abundance of food on almost every corner and let's not forget the Night Market Food Trucks and Restaurant Week. All of this eating many times leaves me stuffed, bloated and unhappy. I have been trying to find some solutions to give my system a break, because I love to eat, while maintaining some much needed nutrients. For this reason, I was excited about trying out WeighFast by WeightNot.

JumpStart your metabolism with WeighFast

Unboxing the kit was fun and I especially loved the motivation on the box. I actually opened it completely flat and cut out some of the sayings to keep me on task. I'm sad to say that I have tried to detox on several occasions with not very good results but unboxing this had me motivated. I am a recovering sugar addict and if my body doesn't have it daily, I feel sluggish, bloated and an instant headache. A true detoxification is the best way to kick the habit which is why I like that WeighFast is a simple, modified fasting plan that promotes rapid detoxification and reduction of inflammation, along with weight loss of 2-3 pounds (and sometimes more). This two day process involves consuming three detox shakes and three hunger management shakes each day, while fasting from other foods.

WeighFast Two-Day Detox Trial Kit Includes:
• Detox Shakes (3/Day) (ThinnerHealth)
• Hunger Management Shakes (3/Day) (Satisfiber)
• Shaker Bottle with Powder Holders (HealthiBlender Bottle)
• Print & Online Video Instructions


WeighFast works by providing specific forms of nutritional fuel to the liver, which the liver can in turn use for processing/eliminating toxins. Through fasting, the plan ensures that new toxins are not ingested during the detox. Members also drink water throughout the fast to help with the extraction and flushing of toxins. WeighFast is also designed to manage hunger so that this brief period of calorie restriction can be maintained.

After two days, I felt great about this detox and could see some of the bloating diminish. WeightNot offers consultations and educational resources and support via the online community WeighU to help you meet your goals. This plan is perfect for the busy mom looking to gain more energy and maybe shed a few pounds. My daily routine was simple and since I rise early  I could get everything set up without interruption. I was nervous preparing dinner the first day but quickly made a shake to keep my belly full.  Following this plan also kept me on track with my water consumption and steps. The tracker request that you enter these items so it stayed at the front of my mind.


  • 5:00AM rise Track my sleep via the plan tracker
  • Record Body Weight and Waist
  • First Shake
  • 2 glasses of water


  • SatisFiber shake (yummy)
  • 2 glasses of water
  • Neighborhood Walk


  • Lunch Shake with natural fruit juice
  • 2 glasses of water


  • Satisfiber shake- actually forced myself because I was not hungry

Early Evening

  • Dinner Shake with water
  • 2 glasses of water
  • Evening exercise

Late Evening

  • Satisfier- I drank this as I cleaned the dinner dishes to avoid the temptation to eat leftovers.
  • 1 glass of water

Find out more about the benefits of WeighFast by WeighNot and receive a FREE pedometer when you sign up for a consultation today.


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