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TOM AND JERRY are entering our world—and now they’re the reason New York is the City that never sleeps! As a kid, I could not get enough of these two. Who knew a cat and mouse could be so entertaining! I am pretty excited to see them in their first-ever live-action/animated major motion picture. New York City is definitely the perfect place for them to get in lots of trouble. They are bringing long some friends so the excitement will never end.

It would be great to stream some of the old episodes leading up to the release. This was great television watching despite the “violence”. Realizing that things are different, parents should definitely remind kids not to try any of the “violence” on any human or animal, I do think kids will enjoy seeing the love/hate relationship.

Meet the Characters

TOMTom And Jerry Giveaway 1

After a calamitous first meeting in Central Park leaves piano cat grifter Tom out of work, spots Jerry, the very mouse that blew his cover, living it up in a high-rise New York City luxury hotel.  Revenge suddenly seems within Tom’s grasp when he is hired to rid the Royal Gate of its unwanted rodent resident just days before hosting the wedding of the century.

JERRYTom And Jerry Giveaway 2

Cute, clever, and cunning as ever, Jerry is on a mission to find the perfect mouse house for himself when he stumbles upon Tom playing piano for cash in New York’s Central Park. After giving Tom the slip, Jerry sets himself up in the swankiest hotel in town, the Royal Gate, helping himself to its finest amenities…until Tom shows up to take him down—and out.

Tom And Jerry Giveaway 3
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Spike, a gruff bulldog, is man’s best friend—and that man is the groom in the high society wedding being held at New York City’s luxurious Royal Gate Hotel.  But no pomp and circumstance will keep him from creating a stir—or a tornado—to get at Tom.

Tom And Jerry Giveaway 4
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Sophisticated yet deceptively well-mannered, pretty kitty Toots arrives at the Royal Gate Hotel in the arms of a high society, social influencer bride.  But Toots isn’t above socializing herself—with Tom—or getting her claws out when she spots Jerry.

Tom And Jerry Giveaway 5
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Goldie swims happily atop the Royal Gate Hotel general manager’s desk, silently mocking the events manager, Terrance, while developing an instant affinity for his new temp, Kayla—even when she hires Tom toflush out unwanted guest Jerry.

Tom And Jerry Giveaway 6
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Pigeon is a city rapper on his way up. Part of a trio, this closet crooner is known for stealing both the spotlight and the hearts of his fans. 

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Tom And Jerry Giveaway 8
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Both critical members of the wedding-of-the-century party, Malcolm and Cecil are two experienced showmen with thespian roots bleeding through every line. Sophisticated beyond compare, these elephants—though neither bride nor groom—are certain they’re the stars of the show. 

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  1. Kelly D wrote:

    I am excited to see Tom.

    Posted 2.18.21
  2. Tim wrote:

    Aside from Tom and Jerry, Spike is the only other character I remember. I think I recall the female cat Toots, just not the name. Goldie and Pigeon don’t ring a bell at all!!

    Posted 2.18.21
  3. Livivua Chandler wrote:

    I am excited to see both tom and jerry interacting with humans- lol

    Posted 2.19.21
  4. Molly wrote:

    I love all the characters but Tom most of all.

    Posted 2.19.21
  5. John Smith wrote:

    “Which character are you most excited to see?” Well, Tom is great, but then so is Jerry! I think I would choose either Tom or Jerry!

    Posted 2.20.21
  6. I remember watching Tom and Jerry after school. Those were the days…..eating a snack and watching Tom and Jerry. I can’t wait to see the movie.

    Thank you for the chance.

    Posted 2.22.21
  7. Rob Caylor wrote:

    Can’t wait to see Toots. Cats rule

    Posted 2.22.21
  8. Bahati wrote:

    I can’t wait to see Tom! He’s such a tragic underdog (no pun intended)

    Posted 2.24.21

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