The impact of summer on education

kids-educationOkay Mommys!   Summer is less than a month away.   Although the kids are thrilled, it has always given me anxiety.  The whole concept of having June, July and August without any formal education is simply disturbing.  They spend the past 9 months learning a variety of things, yet on an annual basis a gap occurs.

If you add all the time up from kindergarten to 12th grade, there are THREE YEARS OF LOST EDUCATION.   There are summer style courses from a variety of different providers, but there is nothing like six hours of structured education for five days a week.   What can you practically do to keep the momentum going for the past year.  Just like you search for camp activities, you will have to make sure you have an educational balance.

Just to help you get started:

1) Meet with your child's teacher before the last day of school.   You specifically need to know where the child struggled this year, what will be the first thing covered in the next grade and who the team or school district recommends as an education point of contact.

2) Find an online resource to help you structure a plan based on the teachers recommendation.  Khan Academy offers a resource for you and your child to review past curriculum and prepare for next years school work.

MOMMYS!!!! Given the amount of online resource, there is no need for your child to enter the next grade unprepared.  But you will have to make time to help your child get ready.

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