How to Find Joy During Your Trials

Trials and challenges will always be a part of life, no matter what. During our trials, it is so hard to find the rainbow amidst the storm. However, the more you can find joy, the easier the challenges will be. If you are struggling, here are 10 ways to help you find joy during your trials. 

Sing Songs that Make You Happy

Singing is one of the best things you can do to help lift your spirits. Music is deeply connected to your brain. Music therapy has many benefits to help you heal and address the physical and emotional challenges you may face. 

Listen to music often when you are going through something challenging. Create a playlist that has music that uplifts you and brings a smile to your face. There are also plenty of spiritual songs that address trials you can add to your playlist. Make sure to include a couple of songs that make you get up and dance too! 

Serve Someone

When we go out of our ways to serve someone else, our burdens are lighter. Often, we will see that everyone is going through something challenging, so you don't feel so alone. Service also allows you to focus on something other than your own problems. 

When you feel overwhelmed by your challenges and don't know what to do, try serving someone. Find a friend or family member who you can help out. Maybe you do some gardening for your mom or help an elderly neighbor shovel their snow. 

Be with People You Love

When we spend time with people we love, we are naturally happier. When you find your world getting darker, surround yourself with people you love. They can lift you when you do not feel like yourself. They will strengthen you when you feel broken. 

Maybe you can take a break from work and go spend time with your family. Unwind and spend that quality time with friends and family who truly love you and will be there for you! 

Walk Through Nature 

There is something special about being in nature. Taking a nature walk is one way to become connected with God once again. During your most challenging trial, go outside and simply observe the beauty. If you can, try to listen and see if God is talking to you. 

God created the earth and made sure that it was gorgeous, just for us. If He took that much time for nature, don't you think He will take more time for you? 

Practice Self-Care

Most often, when we feel overwhelmed, we haven't been taking care of our bodies or minds. This, in turn, makes it hard to feel joy, especially during the hard times. Make sure to take time for yourself as often as you can. 

Schedule in time for self-care so you can do everything required of you throughout the day. Self-care is not selfish but rather a necessity we all need regularly. You cannot drive your car on empty, and neither can you go day after day on empty. Practice self-care today! 

Dance like Nobody's Watching

There is something special about music. It has a way to uplift our spirits more than most other things you may try. When you feel like you've exhausted every other option, try dancing. Put on some music that makes you get up and dance your heart out. 

If dancing is not your thing, singing may work as well. You might even find relief and feel happier by just listening to music. Create a playlist that uplifts you and brings you peace and comfort during your challenging times. 

Think of Jesus 

Christ's atonement was the ultimate sacrifice for us. He went through every challenging, excruciating, and devastating trial we are going through now. He can help us more than anything else. When you can't find joy during your trials, look to Jesus. 

He can comfort and uplift you. He can provide you with the peace that you need to get through this hard time. Learn from Him. Rely on Him. Read His words and think of everything He went through. 

Give it to God 

Sometimes our challenges need to be given to God. Some things are too much for us. When you feel utterly depleted, just give it to God. Give it to Him, and don't pick it back up. There are some trials that God can take care of for you. He is always there to help. 

Pray to Him and just unload everything. Ask Him for His help and to guide you through it. Eventually, if nothing seems to change, go to Him in prayer again and give it all to Him. Sometimes he will take the challenge away, or He will help you through it. 

Talk to Someone About What You're Going Through

This may be a challenging one, but it does bring a lot of relief. Sometimes we need to know and feel empathy and understanding from others during our hard times. This validates us and gives us the courage to continue moving forward. 

Sometimes the help from friends and family members is enough. Other times it may help to talk to a counselor or therapist about your struggles. They can offer special advice and tips with their specialized training. They know better than most people how to uplift others.  

Read the Scriptures

Studying the scriptures can help us put our trust in God once again. So often, when we are struggling through a trial, we lose hope and may even get upset at God. As you draw closer to Him through studying your bible, you can grow your trust in God and work through your challenge. 

Make a goal to study daily if possible, even if it is a short amount of time. You never know the strength it gives you until you look back, but it does make a huge difference! The bible will also encourage you through the lives and stories you will read. 

It is hard to find joy amidst trials. If you are struggling, it is okay. Try using these ten tips to help encourage you to persevere even though it may be hard. Trials will pass, and you will look back and see just how strong you truly are! 

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