Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

The struggle of picking what to wear is ever present but here for you is our winter capsule wardrobe to help you get though the cold months looking chic, simple and classic with our minimalist style. 

What is a winter capsule wardrobe you ask? The term capsule wardrobe was coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called “Wardrobe” in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. So a winter capsule wardrobe would be a wardrobe tailored to the style of colder months containing all the clothing pieces needed for the winter season. 

Can you picture yourself saving time and expenses and at the same time going through your closet to see a complete set of pieces to mix and match creating almost endless combinations? That’s a picture I would surely like to get framed.

Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 1
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps Comfy casual is perfect for a crisp winter day. Boots Bucketbag Jeans

This capsule wardrobe is basically a checklist for the basic but definitely essential items that the minimalist lady must have. Be it for work, a casual outing with the girls or a moms get together for book club. Remember, it can be used creatively and that is definitely encouraged. For a die hard minimalist, it would serve the whole season without any additions. If you love colour, you can change some of the items for a different coloured version.

Below is a list of essentials for a winter capsule wardrobe to help you embrace the cold months ahead with minimalist styles.


Long Sleeve Striped Tee – This item is definitely a favourite as it never seems to go out of style and it’s rare to feel out of place with it in any setting. It matches easily with literally anything and adds some variation to an otherwise plain wardrobe. Its quite difficult to go wrong with stripes.

Black Or White Short Sleeve Tee – You always need to have either one of these. Its your classic simple look. Either pairs well with blue jeans and white sneakers. Its usually best to go for those that are 100% cotton as there are more comfortable and usually breathable. 

White Shirt – This can be worn when you have to dress up and look all formal or for casual occasions too. It’s a classic all rounder and fits into any style or look you are seeking to accomplish. You can get a slightly bigger size if you are looking tom go for the ‘I borrowed this from my boyfriend’ look. Then again, you can stick with a slim fit and show off that figure.

Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2


Black Trousers – These are definitely a staple in a capsule wardrobe especially if you work in a formal setting such as a bank. You can’t be wearing jeans and chinos all the time now can you? Then again, don’t be tempted to reserve them for work wear alone. They are a great alternative to jeans. They can look really smart if you paired them with the white shirt for example, so they’re also versatile.

Skinny Jeans –  Once you find the perfect pair of skinny jeans, it may be difficult convincing you to wear any other bottoms. They’re definitely worth investing in especially as the bring out your figure and can be quite comfortable so long as they aren't too tight around the waist.

Leggings — The right pair of leggings will change your life. They are butt firming and comfortable. It's almost magical the way your legs look while wearing them.

Skirts — Choose a skirt according to your body type or style. If you only wear them to work consider knee length or slightly above the knee. Pencil skirts tend to look great on everyone and are easy to style.

Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2

Outer Wear

Trench Coat – Add adult sophistication to any outfit with a trench coat. You could be totally naked underneath a trench coat and still look fully dressed. A good double breasted trench coat is a favourite. For minimalists, a black, or stone coloured coat is probably the way to go but a pop of color never hurts!

Cashmere Sweater – This can be layered over any of the tops featured earlier or worn on it’s own. It also pairs well with both of the bottoms and never goes out of style. A round neck better compliments a tall frame while someone of smaller frame looking to appear taller will do well to go with a V-neck. Either ways, the round neck is probably the better choice for you if you prefer a little extra coziness.

Cardigan– The perfect transitional piece as the weather decides which season it really wants to observe. It is easy to through on and add a stylish level of warmth.

Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2


Shopper Bag – Also known as a tote bag. It's ok to ignore obvious designer logos and patterns when it comes to tote bags. The goal should always be one that is sturdy and will stand the test of time. This is the most practical day bag you could wish for, yet it’s so simple.

Black Leather Handbag – Once again, pay no attention to designer logos and patterns unless you prefer a certain designer. Building a capsule wardrobe is about timeless pieces and a black leather handbag never goes out of style. A classic piece will help you transition from day to evening without hassle. If you are budget conscious check out the higher quality faux bags.

Cross Body Bag – This is a bag for a casual setting. Maybe there’s some books you need to return to a friend or some stuff that just can’t hold in your hand as you take a walk.

Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2


Ankle Boots – These are a favorite shoe to wear in the winter. They’re easy to throw on with jeans, or wear with a dress and tights. The styles are endless but neutral colors like rich brown, black, or light tan, with no embellishments are timeless. The almond shaped toe and mid shaft height return every year. Animal prints have been popular as many call them the new black.

Ballet Flats – Pointed flats make you look taller, but a classic round ballet flat will never go out of style. A wardrobe cannot be complete without a good pair. Keeping the colour neutral means they can be used for dress up when you need them to be.

Classic White Sneakers – These sneakers will always be around as they provide in almost equal amounts – comfort and style. Though there has been a decline in “dad” sneakers, there is a resurgence of simple, retro sneakers which make them easy to pair with anything on the list. 

Pumps — These are the most practical shoes you can own. When chosen properly they will be the most versatile shoe in your closet. A simple classic pumps pairs well with everything. Black and nude are probably the most common color.

Ten+ Must Have Items for Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2

Now What?

The best way to rotate through your closet without getting bored is to add pops of color with accessories. Think cool hats, jewelry, socks. Look for items that are less trendy and be used again or sold at the end of the season.

A capsule closet doesn't have to be boring, but it definitely prevents buying things you will never wear. Try it out and let me know your thoughts.

Welcome to my home on the web... I’m Tomika, the thought leader behind Life in Pumps. I love all things fashion, fun & travel! I’m a wife and mother of two very active teenagers. I'm a social butterfly and passionate about advocating for breast cancer disparities and the benefits of organics. Follow along as I believe life is more fun when you actually live it!

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