Save the Hatter- Alice Through The Looking Glass

AliceThroughTheLookingGlass573ba2a905f29Alice through the looking glass, takes us through an imaginative adventure where reality blends us back into Wonderland.  We see familiar friends, estranged Foes and new life lessons.

Alice is placed in a familiar situation that we could all face.  What do you do when a friend, in a desperate emotional state, ask “You believe me, right?”  At that moment we have the power to inspire or ruin our friends faith.  Alice makes unexpected choices that builds lessons that can be applied to her own family as she transverses Wonderland to save a friend.

You will absolutely enjoy this trip into wonderland and gain valuable life lessons.  I highly recommend that you take the entire family to see how essential friendship is to our souls.  Before you leave wonderland, consider what friend you could support reach an impossibility.   You maybe surprised that the impossibility is completely possible.

 Enjoy this brief clip and fun free printable worksheet but more importantly make certain to get your tickets for opening weekend.

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