Preparing to Cut Again- Breast Cancer Surgery

I've never been a fan of any type of surgery whether it was warranted or not, but Breast Cancer surgery was something that I could not avoid. I think the whole idea of  anesthesia is scary especially because I can't control it. I remember the first time and how it felt so rude to fall asleep in a room filled with people even though it is what they wanted me to do. I felt like I could out talk it but of course it didn't happen. Tomorrow I am preparing yet again to face this sleepy juice.

Hernia repair after diep tram breast cancer surgery
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

At birth, I had a hernia or “outie” that doctors constantly wanted to repair and my parents said no as it did not bother me. During my breast reconstruction, the doctors attempted to repair it but realized too much was involved and decided to focus on what was most important- the reconstruction. Almost two years has gone by and recently the pain from this hernia has become unbearable. After most meals, my stomach looks deformed as the hernia makes itself visible. After consulting the doctors, I knew I needed to have it removed and tomorrow is the day.

The doctors plan to laparoscopically repair the hernia by placing a mesh over the loose tissue to basically hold it in place. My hope is that the scar tissue from my previous surgery will not hinder this. This procedure is done throughout the United States on a daily basis. A hernia is generally caused my a weakening on the lining of the abdomen. This lining fuses together and forms a sac which creates the bulge.

Post Diep Flap Brest cancer surgery dog ears
TomikaTalks | Life in Pumps

While they are removing this bulge, the plastic surgeon will go in and remove the “dog ears” that remain from the reconstruction. I am delighted to say good-bye to these ears as they make wearing anything form-fitting impossible. They show through most of my shirts and are very hard to hide. The dog ears are a result of the bunching up of tissue at the end of my incision.

Lucky me two procedures in one day…I am glad that both could be done at the same time because I can't honestly say that I would have gone back. Say a prayer for me and I will chat with you when I wake up:)

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