Oh No She Didn’t, Santa Claus is Real

For months, I have been buying gifts and hiding them. I try to start my shopping early whenever possible to avoid the last minute rush. The thrill and excitement of scoring great gifts at even better prices is such a rush for me.  I was so excited about the process of wrapping presents, decorating, making gingerbread houses and singing carols but it all crumbled on Christmas morning.


The idea of Santa Claus is truly illogical. How can one man travel the world in one night, enter houses without chimneys and in this day and age not set off alarms, and carry toys without filling up.  As a child, I let my parents' think I believed a lot longer than I actually did.  I remember Christmas at my grandmother's house in NC where the adults would sneak the toys in the house when they thought we were not looking. The stories of how Santa Claus made all this happen and the importance of being a good little girl. I could not wait to share this with my kids and I hoped it would last for years.

I should not be surprised that at eight my daughter announced with conviction that my husband and I were Santa. My heart did sink and I felt a tear forming but what did I expect. This child questions everything and is truly an investigator. When she announced it, I did not confirm or deny. My response “Santa only visits those kids who believe”

Do your children still believe in the magic of Santa?

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  1. Sarita wrote:

    My son asked me was Santa real . I said , son do you believe ? He didn’t answer right away .
    I said , when you stop believin , you stop receivin.
    He shouted , I believe !!!!
    That was the end of that conversation

    Posted 12.25.14

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