Angela the Angel in Disguise

People often ask me why, I advocate and the answer is easy- “It's my purpose” I truly believe that God does everything for a reason and it's our job to find the blessing in whatever it is. 

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was truly live changing and it sucked but the thrivers you meet along the way make the burden a little less.

I am exciting to share stories of my thriver breasties who continue to defy the odds.

Meet Angela 

Angela the Angel in Disguise 1
Tomika Bryant | Life in Pumps

Angela is the founder and owner of Charlotte based Angel in Disguise, she is a three- time survivor who is currently living with metastatic breast cancer. The mission of Angel in Disguise is to help breast cancer survivors, with task that they are unable or incapable of completing alone. Angel in Disguise is helping survivors to live life now.  See her story below.

  1. Age of diagnosis:  32/40/41
  2. How was your cancer discovered?  
    Discovered by a mammogram and biopsy from a visit to my general practitioner
  3.  What were your first thoughts upon receiving the diagnosis?  
    Fix it, i have things to do
  4. What is your message to others who are just starting the journey? 
    My message to others is to keep a positive attitude, believe that God is a healer and Live Life Now! 
  5. What is your message on the importance of screening/self care?
    If you have a family history get screened sooner than later. Become familiar with your breast and if something doesn't feel right get medical attention, in order to get the best treatment and to avoid making things worst it is important to seek medical attention and to talk about it. Being your own advocate is key to getting the treatment you need and helping prolong your life.
  6. What has been the most helpful support that you have received?   
    The most helpful support I have received is connections with other survivors and my sisters in the Shades of Brown, they help make each day and diagnosis easier to cope with.

Angela just recently graced the runway of the “Glam the Runway Charity Fashion Show” at the Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art and appeared on the runway at New Fashion Week with AnaOnoIntimates Cancerland show.

Connect with Angela on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Don't forget to visit Angel in Disguise and see how you can help!

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