Meet My New Guy

Shhh! Don't tell my husband but I have a new guy. This guy is empathetic, informative, confident, personal and thorough and left me elated.  He is the last major piece of the puzzle on this journey.

Dr. Suhail Kanchwala and I.
Dr. Suhail Kanchwala and I.

I arrived at the University of Pennsylvania uncertain of how to feel. I had already met with two plastic surgeons who were so detached that I was hoping it was not the norm. One treated me like a Hollywood housewife who just wanted a new rack while the other spoke to me in a manner as though she was just treating the common cold. Dr. Suhail Kanchwala much like my surgeon made certain that I had all the necessary tools to make a final decision and he was concerned. Throughout this journey, I have cried very little as I navigated the system to see what is best for me.

I am just happy that I can move a step further.



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  1. cocoamommy wrote:

    My “go to person” told me that when selecting your surgeons you have to feel in sync with both. Happy you found both! Love and Blessings!

    Posted 7.22.13

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