Six Things that Make You Go Ahh in the Lion King Movie

Young Simba and Mufasa sit upon Pride rock. Lion King Movie
growingbig | Life in Pumps Mufasa and Young Simba- Photo Courtesy of Disney Studios

Enjoy a trip through the Pride Lands as the Circle of Life is revealed and told by Director Jon Favreau. This classic remake roars into theaters July 19, and is true to the plot and music that made the animated film so memorable. But there are some things that you should be aware of before setting foot in the theater.

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1.There is only ONE actual real scene. Hard to believe that what you are looking at is a state-of-the-art blend of CGI and motion-capture technology. You are immediately reminded of nature documentaries as we watch flowing streams, swaying trees and back drops that resemble nature. Watching it in 4K will have you on the edge of your seat trying to determine just which scene is real. Let me know if you figure it out.

Six Things that Make You Go Ahh in the Lion King Movie 1
growingbig | Life in Pumps Photo Courtesy Disney Studios

2. Beyonce is not the Star. The announcement of Beyonce in the movie was met with mixed emotions. The Beehive of course was excited and will probably buy out the theater expecting to sing along with her. I hate to disappoint you but she is not the “star” of the film.

Lion King Hyenas Pair
growingbig | Life in Pumps

3. A New Hyena Trio. Leader Shenzi (Florence Kasumba) is a powerful force as she fights for the survival of her tribe. Azizi (Eric Andre) and Kamari (Keegan-Michael Key) keep you laughing and you often forget that they are villains.

Six Things that Make You Go Ahh in the Lion King Movie 2
growingbig | Life in Pumps Photo Courtesy Disney Studios

4. Scar Might Win You Over. We get a look into Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and you can't help but have a soft spot for the villain. He is definitely misunderstood.

Courtesy Disney Studios

5. Young Simba is Everyone's Kid. JD McCrary makes you want to hug and reprimand him repeatedly. He doesn't heed the advice of his father but is so cute that you can't stay mad at him. Watching him at the press release tells me that this role is very similar to real life.

Lion King Movie Sarabi Courage
growingbig | Life in Pumps Photo Courtesy Disney Studios

6. Girl Power for the Win: Sarabi (Alfre Woodard), Nala (Beyonce), Young Nala (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Shenzi (Florence Kasumba) make certain you know who really rules the world- GIRLS.

Sarabi, the mate of Mufasa and mother of Simba, is the head lioness and Scar quickly learns that if his rule is to be effective, he must win her over. While Scar and the hyenas are distracted Nala takes a chance and sneaks out to find food to feed the Lions. Her courage seemed to grow with her from a young cub.

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